Tuesday, October 30, 2007

X. Lee suspended two games

Well the FSU quarterbacks are at it again. Redshirt Junior quarterback Xavier Lee was suspended for two games for "violating academic policy." For some reason these quarterbacks can't get it right. I am always one to go with the hot hand but neither Lee nor Drew Weatherford has the hot hand right now. With the season fading, it may be time for Coach Fisher to scarp these two reclamation projects and go with redshirt freshmen D'Vontrey Richardson or Christian Ponder. My brother Nejay, who was a graduate assistant for FSU for a few years, always said, "The fans aren't at practice. They don't see what's going on." I try to take this to heart everytime a coach makes a decision that drives me crazy I try to go on this but I feel I've seen enough of these two quarterbacks. I guess the E.J. Manuel days can't come soon enough and I hope FSU can shock people (can't believe they're shocking people in football these days) and beat BC Saturday night.

Just watching a TNT interview with the Celtics' Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and KG. I don't think they will beat anyone out of the West but Boston is instantly a contender in the East. It will be entertaining to watch them play this season. TNT also showed an interview with KG from 2005. The interview almost had to be stopped because Coach Joh Thompson asked what drives KG still. The thought of losing brought him to tears and he couldn't answer the question. It was refreshing to see an athlete who's only passion in this world of sports is to win. We need more athletes like this and I would love to have him on the Sixers.

The Sixers didn't make any moves this summer and took Thaddeus Young instead of my fellow FSU alum Al Thornton in the first round. This basketball season is lost for me but I will never give up on the Sixers. No A.I., no Al, I still got Andre Iguodola and not much else. Cheers to the beginning of hoops season. I'm counting down, 10 minutes left.


Rene said...

NATE!!! r u really suggesting the noles give up on the season and put in Devo??? bro ur insane, as much as i dont like drew, theres NO way we can beat anyone w/him OR ponder and as far as E.J. sift through your comments and see what i wrote about THAT theory of him being the savior.....

Nate said...

I never said give up on the season. I said give up on trying to make it with these two qbs. We don't know what the other two have to offer.