Saturday, October 27, 2007

College Football Part I

It's already been a crazy day but the noon games haven't ended yet. Thanks to my boy Jim I'm getting to watch a lot of the games, two TV's and ESPN Gameplan have helped me out considerably.

Early Games:

West Virginia is giving Rutgers the business so USF needs to get their act in gear. Both WVU and USF have one conference loss so anything can happen in the conference and for USf the Gator Bowl won't cut it. WVU is flexing their muscles, they have such a powerful offense and if you get ahead of Rutgers you neutralize Ray Rice and they're screwed.

Texas Tech is on their late season swoon again. Glad to see them come out hot but fade like always and they still have to play Texas and Oklahoma. Another 7-5 season and trip to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl is in the cards.

Wisconsin and Illinois still don't impress me like anyone one else in the Big 11. This is a bad conference. I hope Michigan wins out and screws Ohio State's season (Bill).

Mississippi State is beating UK and that's bad as far as computer rankings go for LSU. I'm rooting for MSU, (I always root for the black coaches) but I'm getting nervous because Kentucky can make big plays. I hope Coach Croom can finish off the win. It would be funny for his two conference wins to be on the road in the SEC and totally ruin everyone's perception of how hard it is to play on the road.

Louisville was beating Pitt but somehow they came back. USF better not overlook anybody or it will ruin their season. It's a tie game but Louisville may blow another Brian Brohm performance.

More to come during the 3:30 games.

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