Thursday, October 11, 2007


Great game tonight FSU. As much as I love Jimbo, Trickett and everyone else, tonight's showing was awful. I hate saying it but this was a Jeff Bowden like performance. I am begging the offensive staff to get it fixed. I am giving them the not our players excuse for a while but good coaches can coach through this stuff.

I'm stilll in the belief that they can get it fixed but its frustrating to watch our D on the field the whole night and give up the booty in the end. It's like watching a girl you meet in class and holding her to a higher standard. You see her in a bar and find out that she's just like the rest of the chicken head girls. While that was too much it still hurts.

Now we back down to mediocrity and I'm blaming the people that gloated after UF's second loss Steve. Hopefully this loss will straighten some things out for next weekend against UM but I'm not holding my breath. A game that used to be watched by everyone in America to see the future NFL talent will now only be watched by a few of us that pray the other team's offense makes a mistake.


SK said...

I feel like a celebrity being called out in N.P. Cowan's rant. You could be the next Jason Whitlock if you were to quadruple in size, and drop the race card every article.

It's somewhat harsh to put any blame on me for the loss. How about you put the blame where it belongs, squarely on the coaching staff. You're telling me you have a week to prepare for a soft defense, and that's the best game plan you can come up with? It's pretty obvious that Wake Forest is going to come out and do nothing but stop that belly option and quarterback sweep unimaginative garbage. It would have been pretty effective to start with some quick throws to the receivers being covered one-on-one, against much less athletic DBs.

How about the decision to come back with Weatherford for a series? That's ridiculous. The offense clearly hasn't worked with him as QB for 3 years now. Maybe Bowden, Fisher, Amato, or someone I don't even know about should grow a pair and make a commitment to someone as the starter.

It's becoming apparent that FSU will not be an elite program again until several years into the Jamrcus Russ-, I mean EJ Manuel project when Jimbo finally gets his guys. Hopefully by that time Trickett will put together something reasonable and I won't puke when I watch us squander several years of Antone Smith's life.

Nate said...

Touche Steve. I understand. It's like when FSU had Greg Jones, Leon Washington, and Lorenzo Booker in the backfield but decided we always had to be in shotgun.

Josh said...

Just getting caught up on this posts....but great analogy with the chicken head girls!!

We don't want no pidgeons....