Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Millsaps v Trinity (TX)

By now we have all seen it. Seven players, 15 laterals. Trinty (TX) defeated Millsaps 28-24. My good buddy Tom Rinaldi, Millsaps '06, has always complained that he had to explain where his school was and how big it is. Well Tom, you no longer have to. Now when you proudly wear your Millsaps College shirt everyone will say, "That's the team that lost on the last play of the game. Man, that's the best play I've ever seen."

X. Lee suspended two games

Well the FSU quarterbacks are at it again. Redshirt Junior quarterback Xavier Lee was suspended for two games for "violating academic policy." For some reason these quarterbacks can't get it right. I am always one to go with the hot hand but neither Lee nor Drew Weatherford has the hot hand right now. With the season fading, it may be time for Coach Fisher to scarp these two reclamation projects and go with redshirt freshmen D'Vontrey Richardson or Christian Ponder. My brother Nejay, who was a graduate assistant for FSU for a few years, always said, "The fans aren't at practice. They don't see what's going on." I try to take this to heart everytime a coach makes a decision that drives me crazy I try to go on this but I feel I've seen enough of these two quarterbacks. I guess the E.J. Manuel days can't come soon enough and I hope FSU can shock people (can't believe they're shocking people in football these days) and beat BC Saturday night.

Just watching a TNT interview with the Celtics' Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and KG. I don't think they will beat anyone out of the West but Boston is instantly a contender in the East. It will be entertaining to watch them play this season. TNT also showed an interview with KG from 2005. The interview almost had to be stopped because Coach Joh Thompson asked what drives KG still. The thought of losing brought him to tears and he couldn't answer the question. It was refreshing to see an athlete who's only passion in this world of sports is to win. We need more athletes like this and I would love to have him on the Sixers.

The Sixers didn't make any moves this summer and took Thaddeus Young instead of my fellow FSU alum Al Thornton in the first round. This basketball season is lost for me but I will never give up on the Sixers. No A.I., no Al, I still got Andre Iguodola and not much else. Cheers to the beginning of hoops season. I'm counting down, 10 minutes left.

Opening Night/NBA

I understand its been a while since the last post so I'll try to make it short and sweet and get everything in.

The Pats and Colts held up their ends of the bargain and now we'll have this year's Game of the Century. Boston people don't deserve another championship but I want the Pats to win. But only if I could guarantee they'll win every game and lost in the playoffs.

I admit I was wrong about Cal beating ASU on Saturday and we get another great matchup in the pac-10, Oregon against ASU to decide the conference championship. I don't know how he keeps doing it but Dennis Erickson just keeps winning wherever he goes. If you haven't read this check out what Ducks' coach Nick Belotti's wife and Nanny had to say to a writer that chastised his son for getting two DUIs...http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_rumors/view/25670

So forgive me I didn't get to watch a lot of NFL games this Sunday but thanks to my man Willie B who has the NFL Ticket, I got to watch my team the Eagles defeat the Vikings. Donovan McNabb made a couple throws that made me remember the good old days. I hope the rumors of the Eagles trading him aren't true.

I also got to watch the Lions beat the Bears for the second time this season. As dominant as they were supposed to be the Bears just don't have the defense to support the offense anymore. The loss of Tank Johnson to keep people of Urlacher hurts more than they want to say. Adam Archuleta is overrated and always has been, and the loss of Mike Brown leaves this team without one of its best playmakers. I'm not sure though if I believe in the Lions yet. Are they really that much better or are they just getting lucky?

What's wrong with the Bucs? They had many chances to win the game against the Jags but Garcia missed a lot of throws. And he needs to start sliding. You can only motivate your team so much and if he keeps getting knocked around he'll get hurt and the Bucs will be screwed. 4-4 is better than I thought they would be at this point but they could really be 6-2. The last two weeks haven't been good for them. They are still in good shape if they can beat Arizona and come out of the bye week to beat Atlanta.

As for the World Series, the Rockies never had a chance. The layoff killed their momentum and the Red Sawx were the better team.

Now for the day I've been waiting for. I love hoops season and while most people have lost faith in the NBA I still love watching the best athletes on the planet do what they do. Tonight's slate only has three games but they are: Spurs/Blazers, Rockets/Lakers, and Jazz/Warriors. I will be camped in front of my tv tonight to watch them.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

College Football Part III

What a game played by Tennessee and South Carolina. Carolina battles back from 21 down at half to take the lead 24-21 after Jonathan Succop made a 49 yard field goal. UT drives the ball back the other way and got a fortunate bounce when LeMarcus Coker fumbled but reserve offensive lineman JacquesMcClendon recoverd the fumble eight yards up field. Freshman Daniel Lincoln misses a 41 yard field goal but gets a reprieve when Tennessee gets a flase start penalty. He comes back and makes a 47 yarder to send the game into overtime. As Todd Blackledge said, "That's the best false start penalty of Tennessee's season." Lincoln comes back and makes a field goal in overtime that ends up being the game winner after Succop from SC misses his. Phil Fulmer has to be happy he saved his job by winning that one and with all of the losses in the SEC East UT can still win the division. It's only a formality as everyone knows LSU will thrash whoever they get in ATL for the championship game.

Glad to see FSU stop their two game skid with a 25-6 win over Duke but it doesn't make me feel better to only beat the worst team in the conference by 19 points. How does this sound for a season ending slate: at BC, at VT, at home against Maryland, and at UF. FSU will have to fight just to become bowl eligible. This is getting really old.

Ohio State didn't look bad but the Big 11 has something to show me still. Bill, you can come defend your team whenever you get ready.

I didn't get to see any of it but Kansas held on the beat Texas A&M. Maybe the Jayhawks are for real. This is the most fun that they have had before hoops season started in a long time.

Lastly, I'm trying to stay up for the last game, Arizona State against Cal but I'm don't think I will make it. Right now Cal is leading 20-14 and I think they will knock ASU from the ranks of the unbeaten.

College Football Part II

Oops. Florida and USF both lost games that they should have won. We can add Kentucky to that list too. This season is full of suprises but I'm not sure that anything from today has really suprised us yet.
The biggest suprise comes from USC losing a second game but Oregon was easily the better team in that game. In a year where the Heisman is up for grabs Dennis Dixon made a lot of noise today. USF started hot but now they have come back to Earth and aren't doing anything we didn't expect them to do.
We never know what to expect from a rivalry game so UGA had as good a shot as anyone. They beat UF by 12 and I'm not sure the game was really that close.
I guess Miss St. counts as a suprise becuase their two confernce wins have both come on the road and N.C. State still has a shot against UVA. There still is a lot of football to play and we still have a lot to learn from today's games and we'll let them play out to see what happens.

College Football Part I

It's already been a crazy day but the noon games haven't ended yet. Thanks to my boy Jim I'm getting to watch a lot of the games, two TV's and ESPN Gameplan have helped me out considerably.

Early Games:

West Virginia is giving Rutgers the business so USF needs to get their act in gear. Both WVU and USF have one conference loss so anything can happen in the conference and for USf the Gator Bowl won't cut it. WVU is flexing their muscles, they have such a powerful offense and if you get ahead of Rutgers you neutralize Ray Rice and they're screwed.

Texas Tech is on their late season swoon again. Glad to see them come out hot but fade like always and they still have to play Texas and Oklahoma. Another 7-5 season and trip to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl is in the cards.

Wisconsin and Illinois still don't impress me like anyone one else in the Big 11. This is a bad conference. I hope Michigan wins out and screws Ohio State's season (Bill).

Mississippi State is beating UK and that's bad as far as computer rankings go for LSU. I'm rooting for MSU, (I always root for the black coaches) but I'm getting nervous because Kentucky can make big plays. I hope Coach Croom can finish off the win. It would be funny for his two conference wins to be on the road in the SEC and totally ruin everyone's perception of how hard it is to play on the road.

Louisville was beating Pitt but somehow they came back. USF better not overlook anybody or it will ruin their season. It's a tie game but Louisville may blow another Brian Brohm performance.

More to come during the 3:30 games.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Genarlow Wilson

So I guess I'm late to come to this but the Georgia Supreme Court has finally decided to free Genarlow Wilson. Wilson was a standout football star in Georgia know for playing Calvin Johnson straight up while in high school.

On New Year's Eve in 2003, Wilson and some buddies had a party at an Atlanta hotel room. Some girls came and the boys decided to tape their encounters with the females. Wilson, who was 17 at the time is on the tape receiving consenual oral sex from one of the girls who was 15 at the time. When another one of the girls claimed she was raped, the tape came forth as evidence that she was not, however, Wilson is seen on the tape performing his act and was convicted of aggravated child molestation which carried a mandatory 10 year sentence. If the two had conventional sex no crime would have been committted but because of what they did the charges were filed.

The law was changed in 2006 to make his crime a misdemeanor but Wilson was not retroactively freed. After spending more than two years in prison, Wilson was finally freed.

I feel that Wilson shouldn't have been punished at all. I just think he was doing what many 17 year-old football stars or any other sports stars do at that age. I'm not condoning breaking the law but I thought he got a bad deal.

But anyway, I promise that the college football talk is coming really soon.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


14 points in two minutes. Lane Stadium is eerily quiet. After Matt Ryan hit Rich Gunnell on a pass to make the score 10-7 after a slopopy first half. Coach Jeff Jagodzinski showed some guts and called for an onside kick with 2:35 left that BC recovered. Ryan showed Heisman poise and made an insane throw to Andre Callendar in the endzone to put BC up 14-10. Even better, ESPN just showed Ryan throw up on the sideline, and now he is dry heaving on the sideline. Shouldn't the VT fans be the ones puking?

The VT defense was all over Ryan all night even harrassing him into two picks. The Hokie fans remind me of the Michigan fans after the App St. game. Now can Penn St. beat Ohio St.? The last Buckeye regular season and Big 11 loss was to Penn St. in 2005, I just don't think Penn St. can do it again. And I torn about what I want the Lions to do. Joe Pa is now at 369 wins and Bobby Bowden is at 370. FSU has fewer winnable games than the Lions so lets hope Bobby can stay out on top for a while. More to come tomorrow.

World Series Game 2/VT vs BC

Its the top of the 4th inning in the World Series and the Rockies are up 1-0. Wily Tavares scored on a Todd Helton ground out. Lets hope this no name guy for Colorado (actually its Ubaldo Jiminez) is out dueling Curt Schilling but the Sawx keep threatening. I may try to stay up since I don't have to work early tomorrow so go Rocks.

The rain has finally stop in Blacksburg and that isn't a good thing for VT. They got a questionable TD when Eddie Royal barely kept his feet in but if the rain stops Matt Ryan can get into a rhythm. Hopefully their defense can keep doing what they're doing and shutout BC but I'm not counting on it. Hopefully one more post will come tonight at the conclusion of the games. And tomorrow will be the predictions for the college football weekend.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

World Series

Even before they went 8-1.., make that 9-1 in the fifth inning I would have picked the Sawx to win the Series. I'm not rooting for them at all, I actually hate them due to their obnoxious fans that ruin my stadium experience when I want tho watch the Devil Rays, but they have a good team. They do pay a lot for it but Beckett is the truth in the postseaston and no one can argue that.
I don't really want the Rockies to win that much either. While I would prefer a National League team win, the Rockies ruin one of the best baseball years for me in a while after they swept the Phils.
Thank you Bill and the rest of Ohio for making me have to put up with another week and a half of Sawx talk. And Courtney your Facebook status makes me sick.
I'm excited for six days from now when the NBA finally comes back. I really have no reason to anticipate the season: the 76ers didn't take Al Thornton, no one on the team really excites me, A.I. is still in Denver but it will give me something to watch every night and I like seeing the best do what they do.
Plus it will give me something to write about until Florida Football playoffs start (hopefully I will get to cover some games out of that).
So I'm headed to bed now, they really need to start these games earlier so I can stay up for the whole thing but in tonight's game really doesn't matter.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It took a while to recover

Its been a couple of days since I've posted but a lot has gone down. I apologize for missing so much but I'll make this short and sweet. The weekend in sports was pretty terrible for me all around.

FSU lost to UM like you've read and it will take me a while to get over it. Sunday brought more bad news. The Eagles led the whole way against the Bears when Brian Griese decides to go Elway on me and drive Chicago 97 yards with no helmet communication for the winning score. If that wasn't enough the Red Sawx smashed the Indians to get the World Series (someone call Bill and make sure he hasn't jumped off a tall building). There will be more to come in the near future as the sports day allows.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I only got to see the second half because I was camping at a bachelor party, but I'm hurt.
The defense that FSU has been riding for so long has given up the last two games. For some reason they can't make it off the field and get a stop when the Noles need it most. I'm happy Rene hasn't called me yet but I'm expecting him to. And Megan, in class on Monday I'll give you the floor to kick me when I'm down. If the defense makes the stops when we need them the Noles are 6-1 instead of 4-3. I don't understand how FSU can play so well in the 2nd half and not come out with a W. This season is lost and the only to save it now will be a win over the Gators.

Anyway, the Sawx spanked the Indians and I don't Cleveland will recover. Terry Francona needs to get Beckett enough time to pitch three games in the World Series to give Boston their best chance to win.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Its finally the Weekend

While my boys Rene, Gerry and Josh are headed to Tallahassee to watch the Noles take on the Canes I will be in Venice celebrating my friend Brad's last few weeks of being single. Hopefully the noles can get a W.

I wish USF fans would stop complaining about the officials. Some calls were made that were bad but not necessarily wrong. And moreover, great teams don't let a few bad calls dictate the game for them. The Bulls are still young and only lose five starters so they will keep improving. Stop blaming the officials and blame your own team for not protecting the quarterback, getting burned on special teams twice, going 2-14 on third downs and producing minus-32 yards on their last two posessions. USF needs to bounce back and punish UConn next week.

Can someone explain to me how we get stuck watching Michigan vs Illinois on ABC while LSU and Auburn are relegated to ESPN2? I don't know about anybody else but watching an infeior game doesn't appeal to me. I will say that this is make or break time for both teams. Illinois has to win to prove their a real threat to win the Big 11 while Michigan has to prove themselves each week or hear the overrated talk.

I'm calling it now, CU will knock Kansas from the ranks of the unbeaten. The game to watch in the Big 12 will be Mizzou against Texas Tech. I said it previously that 1000 yards of offense will go up in this game. It may come down to who has the ball last but I'm picking Mizzou for a couple of reasons. Mizzou is at home, Chase Daniel is a stud and this is about the time Mike Leach starts to lead the Red Raiders to the Insight Bowl or Houston Bowl .

Does anyone care about Notre Dame playing USC at 3:30? Most will be watching one of these games: UF at UK, Cal at UCLA for the west coasters, UM at FSU or Michigan State at Ohio State. That's four games that are better than watching USC smoke Notre Dame and listening to the Irish blame Ty Willingham for the loss.

Tonight I'm in Bradenton for Boca Ciega at Southeast and tommorrow I think I will only be able to watch the UF and FSU games so keep me posted on what goes down. With the way the season is going, there may be a lot to tell me about.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

USF-Rutgers w/ some icing

The question now is how far does USF fall? USF did all they could tonight but made too many mistakes. Earlier today I said Rice would be the difference maker and again he was. This is his third straight triple digit game against USF.

Don't hang your heads USF fans, there is still a lot of football to play and the opportunity for a BCS Bowl game is still there. Matt Grothe will only get better and not make the same mistakes he did tonight. Jim Leavitt still has a good thing going in Tampa and one game, as Manny said, its not the end of the world. Teams have to learn how to win big games and USF was able to make it happen at home against West Virginia, but a short week coupled with a big road game was too much to overcome.

I'm happy Joe Torre said no to the Yankees. They pull this guy around and give him an ultimatum only to come crawling back. Good job saying no to the Yankees. Randy Levine said, "the Yankees wanted Joe Torre to come back." If they wanted him to come back it wouldn't have taken this long and all this grandstanding wouldn't have had to take place. Good luck in retirement Mr. Torre, enjoy watching the Yankees tank without you, A-Rod, and Mariano. Joe Girardi, you will have a lot more money being spent but incredible expectations in New York, two things that you didn't have in Florida.

So it looks like the Sawx are going to force a game 6. If the Indians can't take Game 6 I don't see them winning Game 7; however, the Sawx can't throw Josh Beckett in Game 6. Does Terry Francona have the balls to throw Josh Beckett on three days rest? Beckett has done it before pitching a compete game against the Yankees in Game 6 of the 2003 World Series. Win Game 6 first and then we'll get the answer to that question later.

Thursday night

So I finally finished my article and am able to watch some the USF-Rutgers game and some baseball. Thank you to my girlfriend Callie and my buddy Josh for keeping me up on what was going on. I had to cover the St. Pete High at Pinellas Park football game and Josh you'd be happy to know St. Pete High won 35-14 for their first win of the season. I got a game to watch but the rest of you can check out the article in the Times tomorrow. More to come later

Ron Springs

I heard some sad news on the radio as I was driving into the office this morning.

Ron Springs the former Dallas Cowboys running back and the father of Redskins cornerback Shawn Springs is in the hopsital after his body rejected the kidney he was given in a transplant.

Ron was in need of a kidney for sometime and his son decided that he would give up his own NFL career so that he could donate a kidney to his father. Ron didn't want that to happen and asked Shawn not to. Later, Ron's teammate, former Cowboys cornerback Lenny Walls (the guy in the endzone for Dwight Clark's famous catch) found out he was a match and donated the kidney to Ron Springs.

This morning it was reported that Ron Springs is alive but has no brain activity. My thoughts and prayers are with the Springs family through this difficult time.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Earhole 'Em

I wrote about Manny Ramirez's home run last night and after seeing the highlights earlier today I wonder what is going to happen in Game 5?

Manny posed and admired his handywork in a game his team was losing by four runs. He also starred for the Indians prior to joining Sawx.

If I had the choice, C.C. Sabathia is going to come to the mound and stick one right in his ribs. While I'm notorious for wanting to plunk players I don't like (Albert Pujols) or players I think used steroids (Travis Hafner), Manny earned this plunking on his own.

By watching the ball, showing up the pitcher and basically sticking it to all of his former fans, Manny might need to come to the plate in Barry Bonds type body armor. I'm going to need someone to update me tomorrow on how it goes down but I look forward to reading Manny's name next to HBP in the box score on Friday.

I forgot earlier to mention my second favorite high school football team. My oldest brother Nejay coaches at Jackson High School in Jacksonville. They're 4-3 this year and 1-1 in the district with a game against Live Oak Suwannee this Friday. They still have a shot to make the playoffs but they may be a year away.

I should have said this earlier in the week but Venice High alum and current University of Tampa volleyball player Margeau Sinibaldi was featured in Sports Illustrated's Faces in the Crowd section for setting her school and conference record in digs. Congratulations.

Sawx vs Indians

I was worried I'd wake up this morning and see that the Red Sawx had come back and beaten the Indians, or that the game had some high drama at the end that I missed. Luckily both teams realized that I had gone to bed and nothing happened.

I use to have a rule that I would never go to bed in the middle of a big game but once last year I decided to break the rule. The problem is I did it during the Fiesta Bowl after Oklahoma returned an interception for a touchdown. As we know now big mistake.

Tonight there isn't anything on but I did get to wake up and watch the Magic play the Cavs at 8 a.m. I'm most happy that Drew Gooden cut whatever was on the back of his head during last year's NBA Finals off.

I think I'll be stuck with hockey until tomorrow's USF game that I won't get to watch.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Man Ram

Just as I went to go to bed Manny hit a bomb. 7-3. Bill you gettin nervous yet?

My assignments from the Times

I got some great news today from my editor at the St. Pete Times. Instead of covering one game this Friday I get to cover one Thursday and one Friday. They both are big school games too which I haven't had much of a chance to do.

Thursday night I get to cover Josh's alma mater St. Pete High against Pinellas Park. I told you I'd get to step up to the big time soon.

Friday night its the alma mater of Angela Bassett (What's Love got to Do With It, Waiting to Exhale) Boca Ciega against Southeast High School of Bradenton. Famous alumni include Peter Warrick, Adrian McPherson, USF cornerback Mike Jenkins, and Amare Stoudemire's older brother Hazell.

Early tomorrow I will drop some knowledge from the Sawx/Indians game from tonight. As of now its 7-2 Cleveland in the top of the 6th. Kevin Youklis and David Ortiz have just hit back-to-back jacks after the Indians had a seven run inning. I'm trying to stay up but I can't stay up any longer.


Apparently I keep making a lot of grammatical errors in my writing. Well even though most of the time I'm writing on speed I will try to fix it. Sorry for making it difficult for you all to read.

Baseball Playoff/MNF

The Red Sawx always figure out a way to confuse me. They start the ALCS mashing the Indians' and maybe the AL's two best pitchers but then get shut down by Jake Westbrook.

While Daisuke Matsuzaka is struggling to finish five innings, Westbrook went 6 2/3 and got 14 ground ball outs. The $100 million investment seems to have hit its high. Westbrook cost Cleveland about $70 million less.

Kenny Lofton drove in two runs with a homerun the Indians now have a 2-1 series lead. Enjoy it William, the fall to Earth without a parachute is not a good feeling. Just ask any Phillies or D-Backs fan.

The Rockies are the seventh wild card team to reach the World Series since 2002 which means winning the division means nothing these days. The Rockies are scorching right now so these days off may not be a good thing. They have won seven straight postseason games and 21 of 22. The D-Backs, who had the best record in the NL, never were much of a match for the Rockies either. Maybe they were lucky and getting all of the breaks like Eric Byrnes said, but four straight games just means you're better than the other guys. I just hope they start the games a little earlier so I can stay up to watch.

The Giants started their easy streak by whooping the Falcons 31-10 but that's not much of a suprise. Eli and Plax have a nice connection going on right now and that's something to say since Plax and A.I. have the same feelings about practice.

Not sure what to watch in sports tonight with it being Tuesday and hoops not started yet we'll be stuck with hockey. I'll wait until Thursday when we get to see if USF can keep riding the wave against Rutgers.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Polish the Resume

Does Frank Solich find this as funny as I do? Nebraska fired their AD Steve Pederson and there is no doubt the Bill Callahan is next.

Solich was a Tom Osborne disciple and personally picked by the legendary coach to succed him in Lincoln. Steve Pederson shows up and two years after going to the National Title game, Pederson fired Solich and brought in Callahan fresh off a 4-12 season with the Raiders.

While Callahan got a pass to bring in his players to run his system, Solich moved on to Ohio University.

All Callahan has done is cut down on walk-ons; a staple at Nebraska, change the offensive system, Bob Devany and Osborne can't be happy; and repeatedly gets waxed at Memorial Stadium.

He even got a four year extension from Pederson after a 9-5 Big 12 North winning season.

This Saturday's pasting at the hands of Oklahoma State (that's right Oklahoma State), is probobly the last straw. The Huskers have been crushed by Missouri and USC on National TV, Ball State was one play from pulling off a big upset and still has trips to Austin, Lawrence and Boulder along with a home date against Kansas State. The Big Red could lose the rest of their games.

Good luck Huskers on finding your new AD and coach this offseason and hopefully returning yourselves to the glory days.


I think it was Jimmy Swaggart who stood in front of his congregation and cried, "I have sinned."

Well this week I have to confess that to the few people reading each time. I didn't watch near enough football on Sunday but here is my excuse, I'll let you all be the judge if it is any good or not.

I became a godparent yesterday and my god son Gavin was baptized. I have him started early and for his second birthday I got him a Donovan McNabb jersey. My watching consisted of brief parts of the first half of the Bucs game, some of the Eagles game while at Beef O' Bradys, the second half of the Pats game and the Saints game.

I'll do the best I can so hopefully you haven't read all of these yet.

Coach Reid, please don't kick to Devin Hester, please don't kick to DH. The Bears offense is so bad we can give them the ball at the 35 and I'd feel better about it.

While we're at it, we'll just give Adrian Peterson the offensive rookie of the year trophy.

So what will happen first, a Patriots loss or a Dolphins win? They play next week but I don't see Miami doing anything.

For being such a defensive genius Marvin Lewis will need a new job next season if not next week.

Kudos to old man Vinny Testaverde for getting the W for Courtney and the Panthers. Lost in all of it was a huge day from D'Angelo Williams. DeShaun Foster, you may not have your gig next week either.

So for everyone who said Reggie Bush couldn't' run between the tackles, myself included, he impressed last night. While yes he did do a lot of his damage on the outside, this is the first time I saw him run hard since the USC days. Let's hope he keeps it going b/c I don't want the Bucs (Steve), the Panthers(Courtney), or the Falcons (Logan) to win that division. Let's hope I'm that lucky.

I guess tomorrow I should talk baseball since both Leagues play Monday. I haven't watched much at all since the Phillies tanked but I'll start tomorrow.

p.s. Just got my week old S.I. and now I've learned why the Phillies lost, the cover jinx lives.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Know Its Been a While

Sorry for taking so long between posts. Saturday was spent just watching all of the games courtesy of my friends Jim & Kelly-Ann, their 57-inch television and Jim buying ESPN GamePlan.

I didn't get to watch all of Hawaii's game Friday night but I saw the Warriors pull out the victory in OT. Colt Brennan is puuting up crazy numbers but 4 INTs isn't gonna cut it. He may win the Heisman more on the fact that no one else seems to want it right now. While entertaining, I'm not that impressed. He also threw the ball 75 times and that is insane.

The noon games didn't offer that much entertainment but it was nice to see USF dominate UCF. Is it me or does Matt Grothe miss a lot of throws. He makes a lot of nice plays but he needs to get more accurate. He'll make a throw like the one to Tauras Johnson in the back of the endzone to end the half but then bounce one the next play. His receivers made some bad drops too. They debuted at number 2 in the BCS standings but I still want to see a complete game. Hopefully the short week against Rutgers doesn't hurt them. And I guess I was wrong about Kevin Smith. He was a non factor and the only play he made was when he fell in the endzone for a safety.

Saturday was a great day for my boy Bill McConnell. The Buckeyes get a big W and the Indians win. OSU was number 1 for a while last year William and we all saw how that ended up. Don't look now but that's Michigan next to you atop the Big Eleven standings and the Wolverines have something to prove still.

Did anyone else see Illinois' loss coming? I didn't but with all of the Ron Zook redemption stories this week I should have known. They have inconsistent qb play and once Arrelious Benn went out they lost their best playmaker. The Illini had a chance to win but made to many mistakes.

The jury is still out on Kansas even after they beat Kansas State. The rest of the schedule reads like this: Colorado, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Iowa State and then Missouri. Maybe CU can test them, but TAMU won't, what Nebraska and OSU teams will show up, and Iowa State is terrible. Kansas has a real shot to win the Big 12 North and the right to get crushed by Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship.

Rene I hurt for you with the way UM played. No qb, decent running game, solid D and still not enough. Another loss in the OB. Can't wait to go to Dolphins Stadium next season, maybe the Canes can get someone to buy the name.

LSU what happened? We've been hearing all year long about Glenn Dorsey and the vaunted defense and Andre Woodson and a fourth string tailback killed them. I don't know about Auburn after their nine point output at Arkansas but you need to get it fixed and soon. It would be a shame to waste all that talent and not go to the national championship game.

It's about time Joe McKnight. The Reggie Bush talk was getting old but I saw some flashes. Now hopefully Pete Carroll will take a year off of recruiting tailbacks and give you and the other seven guys back there a chance to run the ball. The Trojans will crush Notre Dame next week but the next three against Oregon, Oregon State and Cal will decide the season.

For all the hell the Versus Network gets for no one watching the NHL, they give us east coasters a chance to watch the Pac-10. Last week they had the Stanford vs USC game and yesterday they gave us Oregon State at Cal. Two of the upsets this season. I know the Pac-10's top teams are hoping they don't come up on the VS lineup each week.

Some quick hits:

Missouri and Texas Tech will put up 1000 yards of offense next week but Mizzou will come out on top and be in the driver's seat for a spot in the Big 12 Championship.

Lousiville's defense finally decided to stop someone and gave Cincy it's first loss. UConn lost to UVA. Two more undefeated teams gone along with LSU, Mizzou and Cal.

Did anyone see the catch made by Vandy wide receiver Sean Walker? Catch of the year.
I couldn't find it on Youtube yet but him and the Georgia DB juggle it around, as he reaches the back of the endzone he catches it and keeps his left foot on the ground as he's falling out of bounds. Initially called incomplete, but reversed and given a touchdown.

Tomorrow we'll talk NFL.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Lynch Family

I don't know if I like College Gameday anymore but that's a conversation for another time.

Interesting night last night. As I said before I covered a high school football game and it was one of the most enjoyable games I've ever been too. Fort Myers Evangelical Christian played Admiral Farragut and even though EC only dressed 22 players, they dominated.

Their offense was a sight to see. Coach Brian Lynch installed his version of the spread and deployed his son Colton to run it. Colton Lynch finished with 185 yards passing and three touchdowns. He also ran for 117 yards and another touchdown. Coach Lynch's offense is eerily similar to the Appalachain St. version of the spread and later I found out why.

During my postgame interivew of Coach Lynch he mentioned the final play of the App St.-Michigan game when the player blocked a field goal and was run down by the kicker. The safety who blocked the kick was Corey Lynch, Coach Lynch's oldest son who was at the game and taught his dad some of the nuiances of the spread offense. It's safe to say that Colton is on the right track and after meeting their younger brother Colby, I think he will keep the traditon alive.

I'm excited about some of the games today as I've said previously but after FSU's loss I am having trouble getting hyped now. Let's just hope next week's game against Miami has better results.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Night Lights

I'm still not over last night's loss but I'm doing a little better. A win over Miami next week will really make me feel better.

Here are some quick things I think:

USF and UCF should be a good game. Too bad Coach Leavitt doesn't want to continue the rivalry after next year. I think teams should play as many state schools as possible. The rivalries are natural: the players know each other from competeing against each other, the fans and alumni know each other from seeing each other at work and growing up together and nobody has to travel that far. I still think USF will win but the game should be close. Also, keep an eye out for UCF running back Kevin Smith. He leads the nation in rushing and the offensive line is expierenced.

Best game of the day should be Oklahoma vs Missouri. This could be a great time for Tiger QB Chase Daniel to put on his Heisman canidacy, however, the game is on Fox Sports Net so hopefully enough people get to see it. I don't think many will cuz FSN is showing hockey instead.

Kentucky's ride was good while it lasted. They have LSU this week, UF next week and still have Tennessee and Georgia on the schedule. Rich Brooks had a good thing going but I think UK is going to settle for another second tier bowl.

Some baseball?

I have been struggling to watch any of the playoffs since the Phillies laid an egg but the Rockies look good and I hope the Red Sawx don't win their series. I can't root for the Indians either for the simple reason that my college buddy Bill is an Indians fan. I guess I'm stuck with the D-Backs. Is there a way all the teams can lose?

Lastly; check for my article in the St. Pete Times on Saturday. I'm covering a high school game between Ft. Myers Evangelical Christian and St. Pete Admiral Farragut Academy. Don't know how good the game will be but the hard part will be not be wasting all my space on writing the names.

My alma mater Venice High has the week off but next week has a big district game against Charlotte High. My boy Logan will be in town from the ATL this weekend so I don't know how much posting will take place but check back soon.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Great game tonight FSU. As much as I love Jimbo, Trickett and everyone else, tonight's showing was awful. I hate saying it but this was a Jeff Bowden like performance. I am begging the offensive staff to get it fixed. I am giving them the not our players excuse for a while but good coaches can coach through this stuff.

I'm stilll in the belief that they can get it fixed but its frustrating to watch our D on the field the whole night and give up the booty in the end. It's like watching a girl you meet in class and holding her to a higher standard. You see her in a bar and find out that she's just like the rest of the chicken head girls. While that was too much it still hurts.

Now we back down to mediocrity and I'm blaming the people that gloated after UF's second loss Steve. Hopefully this loss will straighten some things out for next weekend against UM but I'm not holding my breath. A game that used to be watched by everyone in America to see the future NFL talent will now only be watched by a few of us that pray the other team's offense makes a mistake.

FSU v Wake

"I always turn to the sports section first. The sports page records people's accomplishments; the front page has nothing but man's failures. "
-Earl Warren (former governor of California and Supreme Court Justice)

So its game day today and the hardest part is sitting through work waiting the whole time. We owe Wake Forest some revenge for last year's embarrassment. I actually hate calling it revenge because we're supposed to win and I don't know why losing one year would make someone want to play harder.

I remember it like yesterday. I had gone up to Tampa to hang with Josh to watch the game. We decided to go to BW's in Brandon to watch the game only to leave before the third quarter even started. That's all I'm going to say about that cuz it makes me want to vomit.

Anyway, glad to see John Schuerholz step down from GM of the Braves. Thank you for 14 years of misery and having to listen to Steve and Courtney all the time. Let's hope his leaving continues the Braves decline.

The more I learn about the Reggie Bush saga the more I wonder who is telling the truth. The people who reportedly gave him the money are now talking even though he settled out of court with one of them. Now El Presidente is saying he is being extorted. I'm really confused in all this but even if it does come down that he took some loot they can't do much to him. All the coaches have to do is play dumb and let Reggie go down on his own. They can't take away the championhsip (the BCS controls this not the NCAA) and they can't take away the Heisman (the Downtown Athletic Club controls this one). Let's just hope this shakes out in a Marion Jones type truth telling and not a Barry Bonds finger pointing type way.

Can someone tell me why Joe Paterno is telling people how to drive? He's the 80 year old with the plexi glass thick glasses. Stick to keeping your boys out of the police blotter Joe like Bobb...(spoke to soon, A.J. Nicholson just got arrested again).

Lastly, let's hope FSU can get the W tonight so I can go into work tomorrow and let my boss Jeff hear it.

If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score? ~Vince Lombardi

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In the beginning

SPORTS is man's joke on God=Within God's universe we created a sub-universe called Sports. One that absolutely doesn't matter and we follow everything as if it were Life and Death.
- Sam Kellerman

"I can only talk sports. No matter how depressed I am I can always read the Sports section." - George Costanza

This is the beginning of what hopefully is written for a while. I'm Nate Cowan as most of you know since only my friends and family will be reading this now so there isn't much of a reason to introduce myself. Since most of my conversations with you all concern sports I figure I might as well write about it.

For the few things we I do want to say:

I'm a fan of all sports teams Philly. I love the Eagles (B-Dawk, Westbrook, Bunk and most of all #5); the NL East champion Phillies (J-Roll for MVP, thanks for tanking everyone else); the Flyers (please be good this season); and the Sixers ( but I'm having a hard time since they got rid of A.I. and didn't pick Al Thornton). I also root for the Devil Rays but there the only local team I claim. And I will always call them the Devil Rays no matter how many times they try to change their name and uniforms.

As an alum of FSU they're my favorite college squad and now that I am attending USF I guess I like them too. I root for the Gators a little b/c I want all the Florida teams to be the best and my cousin Lutrel Alford plays for them. He's number 99.

I watch any and everything sports so soccer and golf are in play. So are track and field, swimming and anything else that falls in this category.

I spend most of my nights watching games so on most days I'll have something to say.

So hopefully this is the start of a long friendship and many comments from your end.

In the words of Scoop Jackson: "Life is short. Get married to sports."