Sunday, October 21, 2007


I only got to see the second half because I was camping at a bachelor party, but I'm hurt.
The defense that FSU has been riding for so long has given up the last two games. For some reason they can't make it off the field and get a stop when the Noles need it most. I'm happy Rene hasn't called me yet but I'm expecting him to. And Megan, in class on Monday I'll give you the floor to kick me when I'm down. If the defense makes the stops when we need them the Noles are 6-1 instead of 4-3. I don't understand how FSU can play so well in the 2nd half and not come out with a W. This season is lost and the only to save it now will be a win over the Gators.

Anyway, the Sawx spanked the Indians and I don't Cleveland will recover. Terry Francona needs to get Beckett enough time to pitch three games in the World Series to give Boston their best chance to win.

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