Thursday, October 18, 2007

USF-Rutgers w/ some icing

The question now is how far does USF fall? USF did all they could tonight but made too many mistakes. Earlier today I said Rice would be the difference maker and again he was. This is his third straight triple digit game against USF.

Don't hang your heads USF fans, there is still a lot of football to play and the opportunity for a BCS Bowl game is still there. Matt Grothe will only get better and not make the same mistakes he did tonight. Jim Leavitt still has a good thing going in Tampa and one game, as Manny said, its not the end of the world. Teams have to learn how to win big games and USF was able to make it happen at home against West Virginia, but a short week coupled with a big road game was too much to overcome.

I'm happy Joe Torre said no to the Yankees. They pull this guy around and give him an ultimatum only to come crawling back. Good job saying no to the Yankees. Randy Levine said, "the Yankees wanted Joe Torre to come back." If they wanted him to come back it wouldn't have taken this long and all this grandstanding wouldn't have had to take place. Good luck in retirement Mr. Torre, enjoy watching the Yankees tank without you, A-Rod, and Mariano. Joe Girardi, you will have a lot more money being spent but incredible expectations in New York, two things that you didn't have in Florida.

So it looks like the Sawx are going to force a game 6. If the Indians can't take Game 6 I don't see them winning Game 7; however, the Sawx can't throw Josh Beckett in Game 6. Does Terry Francona have the balls to throw Josh Beckett on three days rest? Beckett has done it before pitching a compete game against the Yankees in Game 6 of the 2003 World Series. Win Game 6 first and then we'll get the answer to that question later.

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Joshua said...

No, Red Sox don't have balls....i thought everyone knew that.

And what's up with Beckett's landing strip on his chinny-chin-chin?