Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Baseball Playoff/MNF

The Red Sawx always figure out a way to confuse me. They start the ALCS mashing the Indians' and maybe the AL's two best pitchers but then get shut down by Jake Westbrook.

While Daisuke Matsuzaka is struggling to finish five innings, Westbrook went 6 2/3 and got 14 ground ball outs. The $100 million investment seems to have hit its high. Westbrook cost Cleveland about $70 million less.

Kenny Lofton drove in two runs with a homerun the Indians now have a 2-1 series lead. Enjoy it William, the fall to Earth without a parachute is not a good feeling. Just ask any Phillies or D-Backs fan.

The Rockies are the seventh wild card team to reach the World Series since 2002 which means winning the division means nothing these days. The Rockies are scorching right now so these days off may not be a good thing. They have won seven straight postseason games and 21 of 22. The D-Backs, who had the best record in the NL, never were much of a match for the Rockies either. Maybe they were lucky and getting all of the breaks like Eric Byrnes said, but four straight games just means you're better than the other guys. I just hope they start the games a little earlier so I can stay up to watch.

The Giants started their easy streak by whooping the Falcons 31-10 but that's not much of a suprise. Eli and Plax have a nice connection going on right now and that's something to say since Plax and A.I. have the same feelings about practice.

Not sure what to watch in sports tonight with it being Tuesday and hoops not started yet we'll be stuck with hockey. I'll wait until Thursday when we get to see if USF can keep riding the wave against Rutgers.


Joshua said...

Seriously Nate, we talkin about practice?? PRACTICE?

The fall to Earth for the Indians would be more like falling from Mount Everest, while that Phillies fall...well that's more like a 5-year-old falling off a swingset.

KENNY KENNY KENNY - i know you heard them shouting.

And why no love for my boy Brett Fav-ra? He just got himself another record. :/

Marc said...

Hockey does not even count as a sport. for those actual sports fans, the 92 AFC Championship game will be on ESPN 2. Frank Reich lives on