Thursday, October 25, 2007


14 points in two minutes. Lane Stadium is eerily quiet. After Matt Ryan hit Rich Gunnell on a pass to make the score 10-7 after a slopopy first half. Coach Jeff Jagodzinski showed some guts and called for an onside kick with 2:35 left that BC recovered. Ryan showed Heisman poise and made an insane throw to Andre Callendar in the endzone to put BC up 14-10. Even better, ESPN just showed Ryan throw up on the sideline, and now he is dry heaving on the sideline. Shouldn't the VT fans be the ones puking?

The VT defense was all over Ryan all night even harrassing him into two picks. The Hokie fans remind me of the Michigan fans after the App St. game. Now can Penn St. beat Ohio St.? The last Buckeye regular season and Big 11 loss was to Penn St. in 2005, I just don't think Penn St. can do it again. And I torn about what I want the Lions to do. Joe Pa is now at 369 wins and Bobby Bowden is at 370. FSU has fewer winnable games than the Lions so lets hope Bobby can stay out on top for a while. More to come tomorrow.

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SK said...

The weather last night ruined the BC @ VT game. I was looking forward to watching Matt Ryan go off. Instead, in the first three quarters, he looked worse than the skin on Frank Beamer's neck. The important thing is that I had BC (+3.5) so I was solid before the go ahead TD, and even better after. If Spurrier can beat his boy Fullmer like he always does, and Mangino the Fat coaches his boys to another W, it could be a nice weekend for me.

I'll also be entertained by the NBA once baseball ends. I have the pleasure of rooting for the best 1-2-3 punch in the NBA. Nelson, Howard, Lewis, will be a threat in the East this season.

Nate, I have a question for you. If you were the Magic, would you deal Dwight for Kobe straight up? I don't know if I would, but I have a feeling you'd feel different.