Saturday, October 27, 2007

College Football Part II

Oops. Florida and USF both lost games that they should have won. We can add Kentucky to that list too. This season is full of suprises but I'm not sure that anything from today has really suprised us yet.
The biggest suprise comes from USC losing a second game but Oregon was easily the better team in that game. In a year where the Heisman is up for grabs Dennis Dixon made a lot of noise today. USF started hot but now they have come back to Earth and aren't doing anything we didn't expect them to do.
We never know what to expect from a rivalry game so UGA had as good a shot as anyone. They beat UF by 12 and I'm not sure the game was really that close.
I guess Miss St. counts as a suprise becuase their two confernce wins have both come on the road and N.C. State still has a shot against UVA. There still is a lot of football to play and we still have a lot to learn from today's games and we'll let them play out to see what happens.


Rene said...

"always cheer for the black coaches" does that mean you cheer for miami when they play FSU ( a team notorious for benching the more athletic black quarterback for the "playbook knowing" white one)??? didnt think so!

Nate said...

I do cheer for black coaches. Since when has being the qb been about being more athletic? Second, I've always said that since we are not at practice we don't know what the coaches are gonna do and have to go with the decisions they make since they are there. You can say they are notorious for benching black quarterbacks but Charlie Ward had no problem and I don't mind if FSU goes with a quarterback that knows the playbook. That's what quarterbacks are supposed to know.