Monday, October 15, 2007


I think it was Jimmy Swaggart who stood in front of his congregation and cried, "I have sinned."

Well this week I have to confess that to the few people reading each time. I didn't watch near enough football on Sunday but here is my excuse, I'll let you all be the judge if it is any good or not.

I became a godparent yesterday and my god son Gavin was baptized. I have him started early and for his second birthday I got him a Donovan McNabb jersey. My watching consisted of brief parts of the first half of the Bucs game, some of the Eagles game while at Beef O' Bradys, the second half of the Pats game and the Saints game.

I'll do the best I can so hopefully you haven't read all of these yet.

Coach Reid, please don't kick to Devin Hester, please don't kick to DH. The Bears offense is so bad we can give them the ball at the 35 and I'd feel better about it.

While we're at it, we'll just give Adrian Peterson the offensive rookie of the year trophy.

So what will happen first, a Patriots loss or a Dolphins win? They play next week but I don't see Miami doing anything.

For being such a defensive genius Marvin Lewis will need a new job next season if not next week.

Kudos to old man Vinny Testaverde for getting the W for Courtney and the Panthers. Lost in all of it was a huge day from D'Angelo Williams. DeShaun Foster, you may not have your gig next week either.

So for everyone who said Reggie Bush couldn't' run between the tackles, myself included, he impressed last night. While yes he did do a lot of his damage on the outside, this is the first time I saw him run hard since the USC days. Let's hope he keeps it going b/c I don't want the Bucs (Steve), the Panthers(Courtney), or the Falcons (Logan) to win that division. Let's hope I'm that lucky.

I guess tomorrow I should talk baseball since both Leagues play Monday. I haven't watched much at all since the Phillies tanked but I'll start tomorrow.

p.s. Just got my week old S.I. and now I've learned why the Phillies lost, the cover jinx lives.


Rene said...

likin the love to the U alum nate!! likin it, tighten up though, ur godson should know better than to get baptized on a sunday in october!! wtf!?

Nate said...

DH is pretty good. I don't get to choose these things I just do my duty.