Wednesday, October 24, 2007

World Series

Even before they went 8-1.., make that 9-1 in the fifth inning I would have picked the Sawx to win the Series. I'm not rooting for them at all, I actually hate them due to their obnoxious fans that ruin my stadium experience when I want tho watch the Devil Rays, but they have a good team. They do pay a lot for it but Beckett is the truth in the postseaston and no one can argue that.
I don't really want the Rockies to win that much either. While I would prefer a National League team win, the Rockies ruin one of the best baseball years for me in a while after they swept the Phils.
Thank you Bill and the rest of Ohio for making me have to put up with another week and a half of Sawx talk. And Courtney your Facebook status makes me sick.
I'm excited for six days from now when the NBA finally comes back. I really have no reason to anticipate the season: the 76ers didn't take Al Thornton, no one on the team really excites me, A.I. is still in Denver but it will give me something to watch every night and I like seeing the best do what they do.
Plus it will give me something to write about until Florida Football playoffs start (hopefully I will get to cover some games out of that).
So I'm headed to bed now, they really need to start these games earlier so I can stay up for the whole thing but in tonight's game really doesn't matter.


Joshua said...

You said it bro...Beckett's landing strip was lookin nice and smooth last night.

On an urrelated note, I'm trying to put our losing football season behind me, and I'm excited for what Jimbo has in store for us. When EJ starts in a couple years it should be a show again, and Chuck the Chest has that south florida pipeline going again (those kids love some them bitchtits). We're going after some stud wideouts to compliment EJ, one of which is named Deion...sounds fitting for FSU football.

I really hope this world series isn't a blowout, but then again I don't really care that much. We've got football right now. Baseball should consider shortening their season or starting earlier b/c most Americans would agree that once football starts, everything else is put on hold (work) and/or ignored (wives).

Back to beckett...what do you think about that landing strip? do you think he waxes around the edges?

Rene said...

NATE NATE NATE....haven't called you cause my voice was shot from the weekend..but DAMN IT FEELS GOOD TO GET THAT W, ranked or not, its always good to be able to throw out that "wat 37-29" when you least expect it...that FSU D needs to tighten up and not be subbin every 2 downs, i HATE that, it takes away from forming any kind of rythm or chemistry...and tell josh that south fl pipeline is already fenced in by that shannon dude down there, im warnin ya'll stick to North FL, we get South FL; Central FL kids blow so they can go to UCF, USF, UF but dont TOUCH down south and im sure Bobby will recruit some dropback QB to fuck EJ's career up just like he did AD (mr. florida hoops and football, how do you fuck that up) and X

Nate said...

Bobby didn't recruit another QB, A.D. got into trouble