Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sawx vs Indians

I was worried I'd wake up this morning and see that the Red Sawx had come back and beaten the Indians, or that the game had some high drama at the end that I missed. Luckily both teams realized that I had gone to bed and nothing happened.

I use to have a rule that I would never go to bed in the middle of a big game but once last year I decided to break the rule. The problem is I did it during the Fiesta Bowl after Oklahoma returned an interception for a touchdown. As we know now big mistake.

Tonight there isn't anything on but I did get to wake up and watch the Magic play the Cavs at 8 a.m. I'm most happy that Drew Gooden cut whatever was on the back of his head during last year's NBA Finals off.

I think I'll be stuck with hockey until tomorrow's USF game that I won't get to watch.


BullsAlum06 said...

Nate: I hope that you won't miss the USF game on Thursday night. I think the Bulls will get it done if we can keep Grothe on the move and force Rutgers to go to the air. Any thoughts?

By the way, do you think that more of the local High School stars are looking at USF as an alternative to UF and FSU?

Nate said...

Matt Grothe is a decent player and knows how to manage games. I would rather see someone else lead the team in rushing but it seems to be working for them.

You hit the nail on the head with forcing Rutgers to pass. USF's best defensive unit is their defensive backfield and that would also take Ray Rice out of the game.

As far as local athletes picking USF over the Big 3 I don't see it happening a lot yet. The Big 3 have years of success behind them along with better facilities at this point and one season of winning is not enough. However if USF continually contends and keeps getting the exposure then things may change. What we may see start happening is that the players who don't get recruited by the Big 3 and would normally go out of state end up at USF.

Marc said...

need to get there own stadium on campus and leave RJS

Joshua said...

I'm gonna disagree with the comment about having to leave RJS. I think that's pretty much a non-factor at this point, if anything it should help. Playing at Raymond James means playing in an NFL stadium, much nicer and more fan-friendly than most on-campus stadiums. Until USF shakes the commuter school student body, playing in RJS should actually help them. Once USF establishes themselves as a live on campus, community-type university (which it is slowly becoming) like fsu or uf, then it could be more beneficial for students to attend an on-campus stadium.

Absolutely agree with the comment on FL athletes that normally would leave the state will stick around for USF. Keep in mind UCF has improved as well, albeit, not to the extent as USF. And watch out for FAU...Schellenburger (or whatever his name is) built the Miami and Louisville football programs from nothing. I would think they should improve every year...not to mention they pretty much beat USF if not for a botched call by the ref with 4 minutes left in the game.

Nate said...

Thank you for making all of my points for me Josh. I couldn't have said it better myself. I don't see UM asking for an on-campus stadium.