Friday, October 19, 2007

Its finally the Weekend

While my boys Rene, Gerry and Josh are headed to Tallahassee to watch the Noles take on the Canes I will be in Venice celebrating my friend Brad's last few weeks of being single. Hopefully the noles can get a W.

I wish USF fans would stop complaining about the officials. Some calls were made that were bad but not necessarily wrong. And moreover, great teams don't let a few bad calls dictate the game for them. The Bulls are still young and only lose five starters so they will keep improving. Stop blaming the officials and blame your own team for not protecting the quarterback, getting burned on special teams twice, going 2-14 on third downs and producing minus-32 yards on their last two posessions. USF needs to bounce back and punish UConn next week.

Can someone explain to me how we get stuck watching Michigan vs Illinois on ABC while LSU and Auburn are relegated to ESPN2? I don't know about anybody else but watching an infeior game doesn't appeal to me. I will say that this is make or break time for both teams. Illinois has to win to prove their a real threat to win the Big 11 while Michigan has to prove themselves each week or hear the overrated talk.

I'm calling it now, CU will knock Kansas from the ranks of the unbeaten. The game to watch in the Big 12 will be Mizzou against Texas Tech. I said it previously that 1000 yards of offense will go up in this game. It may come down to who has the ball last but I'm picking Mizzou for a couple of reasons. Mizzou is at home, Chase Daniel is a stud and this is about the time Mike Leach starts to lead the Red Raiders to the Insight Bowl or Houston Bowl .

Does anyone care about Notre Dame playing USC at 3:30? Most will be watching one of these games: UF at UK, Cal at UCLA for the west coasters, UM at FSU or Michigan State at Ohio State. That's four games that are better than watching USC smoke Notre Dame and listening to the Irish blame Ty Willingham for the loss.

Tonight I'm in Bradenton for Boca Ciega at Southeast and tommorrow I think I will only be able to watch the UF and FSU games so keep me posted on what goes down. With the way the season is going, there may be a lot to tell me about.


Anonymous said...

It's been said Ty Willingham is the anti- Chuck Norris

Ty Willingham killed JFK

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Ty Willingham beat up the Fonz

Ty Willingham only offered Joe Torre 4 Million... and NO incentives.

Tyrone Willingham invented American Idol

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and, Tyrone Willingham hates black people

SK said...

I'm glad your CU v Kansas prediction was wrong. I took Kansas to cover and won a nice little wager. I can't wait to see the Duke @ FSU line. I'm sure they will favor FSU by too much and I will pounce. Duke was able to keep it close against UVA, UM, & Wake. I hope that line is at least in the high twenties.

I agreed with your TT v Mizzou prediction but that was a weird game. Harrell didn't show up to play. At least Texas Tech has Crabtree for three more seasons. He is going to shatter the freshman TD record.