Saturday, October 27, 2007

College Football Part III

What a game played by Tennessee and South Carolina. Carolina battles back from 21 down at half to take the lead 24-21 after Jonathan Succop made a 49 yard field goal. UT drives the ball back the other way and got a fortunate bounce when LeMarcus Coker fumbled but reserve offensive lineman JacquesMcClendon recoverd the fumble eight yards up field. Freshman Daniel Lincoln misses a 41 yard field goal but gets a reprieve when Tennessee gets a flase start penalty. He comes back and makes a 47 yarder to send the game into overtime. As Todd Blackledge said, "That's the best false start penalty of Tennessee's season." Lincoln comes back and makes a field goal in overtime that ends up being the game winner after Succop from SC misses his. Phil Fulmer has to be happy he saved his job by winning that one and with all of the losses in the SEC East UT can still win the division. It's only a formality as everyone knows LSU will thrash whoever they get in ATL for the championship game.

Glad to see FSU stop their two game skid with a 25-6 win over Duke but it doesn't make me feel better to only beat the worst team in the conference by 19 points. How does this sound for a season ending slate: at BC, at VT, at home against Maryland, and at UF. FSU will have to fight just to become bowl eligible. This is getting really old.

Ohio State didn't look bad but the Big 11 has something to show me still. Bill, you can come defend your team whenever you get ready.

I didn't get to see any of it but Kansas held on the beat Texas A&M. Maybe the Jayhawks are for real. This is the most fun that they have had before hoops season started in a long time.

Lastly, I'm trying to stay up for the last game, Arizona State against Cal but I'm don't think I will make it. Right now Cal is leading 20-14 and I think they will knock ASU from the ranks of the unbeaten.

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SK said...

I'll admit I was rooting for USF until every person in Tampa/St Pete jumped on the bandwagon and became extremely obnoxious. I don't hear too many people trying to convince me that USF's program is on the same plain as OSU, Oklahoma, UF, and Texas anymore. The reason they are struggling is because they are finally playing w/in their conference. The same thing is happening to UF. After getting their garbage wins out of the way, UF is 2-3 in the games that are legitimate. Keep Grothe in the pocket, pressure him, and you will win. He makes awful decisions and takes terrible sacks. It was easy to spot this upset. USF had UConn as the dreaded sandwich game, and everyone underestimates their D. Anyways, keep up the good work Nate, and thanks for changing up your color scheme. I didn't like reading the blog with that black background.