Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Know Its Been a While

Sorry for taking so long between posts. Saturday was spent just watching all of the games courtesy of my friends Jim & Kelly-Ann, their 57-inch television and Jim buying ESPN GamePlan.

I didn't get to watch all of Hawaii's game Friday night but I saw the Warriors pull out the victory in OT. Colt Brennan is puuting up crazy numbers but 4 INTs isn't gonna cut it. He may win the Heisman more on the fact that no one else seems to want it right now. While entertaining, I'm not that impressed. He also threw the ball 75 times and that is insane.

The noon games didn't offer that much entertainment but it was nice to see USF dominate UCF. Is it me or does Matt Grothe miss a lot of throws. He makes a lot of nice plays but he needs to get more accurate. He'll make a throw like the one to Tauras Johnson in the back of the endzone to end the half but then bounce one the next play. His receivers made some bad drops too. They debuted at number 2 in the BCS standings but I still want to see a complete game. Hopefully the short week against Rutgers doesn't hurt them. And I guess I was wrong about Kevin Smith. He was a non factor and the only play he made was when he fell in the endzone for a safety.

Saturday was a great day for my boy Bill McConnell. The Buckeyes get a big W and the Indians win. OSU was number 1 for a while last year William and we all saw how that ended up. Don't look now but that's Michigan next to you atop the Big Eleven standings and the Wolverines have something to prove still.

Did anyone else see Illinois' loss coming? I didn't but with all of the Ron Zook redemption stories this week I should have known. They have inconsistent qb play and once Arrelious Benn went out they lost their best playmaker. The Illini had a chance to win but made to many mistakes.

The jury is still out on Kansas even after they beat Kansas State. The rest of the schedule reads like this: Colorado, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Iowa State and then Missouri. Maybe CU can test them, but TAMU won't, what Nebraska and OSU teams will show up, and Iowa State is terrible. Kansas has a real shot to win the Big 12 North and the right to get crushed by Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship.

Rene I hurt for you with the way UM played. No qb, decent running game, solid D and still not enough. Another loss in the OB. Can't wait to go to Dolphins Stadium next season, maybe the Canes can get someone to buy the name.

LSU what happened? We've been hearing all year long about Glenn Dorsey and the vaunted defense and Andre Woodson and a fourth string tailback killed them. I don't know about Auburn after their nine point output at Arkansas but you need to get it fixed and soon. It would be a shame to waste all that talent and not go to the national championship game.

It's about time Joe McKnight. The Reggie Bush talk was getting old but I saw some flashes. Now hopefully Pete Carroll will take a year off of recruiting tailbacks and give you and the other seven guys back there a chance to run the ball. The Trojans will crush Notre Dame next week but the next three against Oregon, Oregon State and Cal will decide the season.

For all the hell the Versus Network gets for no one watching the NHL, they give us east coasters a chance to watch the Pac-10. Last week they had the Stanford vs USC game and yesterday they gave us Oregon State at Cal. Two of the upsets this season. I know the Pac-10's top teams are hoping they don't come up on the VS lineup each week.

Some quick hits:

Missouri and Texas Tech will put up 1000 yards of offense next week but Mizzou will come out on top and be in the driver's seat for a spot in the Big 12 Championship.

Lousiville's defense finally decided to stop someone and gave Cincy it's first loss. UConn lost to UVA. Two more undefeated teams gone along with LSU, Mizzou and Cal.

Did anyone see the catch made by Vandy wide receiver Sean Walker? Catch of the year.
I couldn't find it on Youtube yet but him and the Georgia DB juggle it around, as he reaches the back of the endzone he catches it and keeps his left foot on the ground as he's falling out of bounds. Initially called incomplete, but reversed and given a touchdown.

Tomorrow we'll talk NFL.


Rene said...

im hurtin' too bro, i have a feeling saturday is gonna be ugly and its not even gonna rain!

Nate said...

I feel the same way rene. I think we're gonna be in for another one of our 10-7 shootouts.

SK said...

Saturday will be a showdown of the most overhyped (coming out of highschool) groups of QBs ever. I have to think it's coaching since it can't be unlucky that Weatherford, Lee, Wright, & Freeman all make worse decisions than Nate on the sticks in NCAA & Madden.

Gotta disagree Nate. No matter what Brennan does he isn't winning the Heisman. It doesn't matter how many records he breaks or how many sexual assault charges he accrues, it's not happening.

Anonymous said...

Smart call on the QB's, and ouch for Colt Brennan