Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Night Lights

I'm still not over last night's loss but I'm doing a little better. A win over Miami next week will really make me feel better.

Here are some quick things I think:

USF and UCF should be a good game. Too bad Coach Leavitt doesn't want to continue the rivalry after next year. I think teams should play as many state schools as possible. The rivalries are natural: the players know each other from competeing against each other, the fans and alumni know each other from seeing each other at work and growing up together and nobody has to travel that far. I still think USF will win but the game should be close. Also, keep an eye out for UCF running back Kevin Smith. He leads the nation in rushing and the offensive line is expierenced.

Best game of the day should be Oklahoma vs Missouri. This could be a great time for Tiger QB Chase Daniel to put on his Heisman canidacy, however, the game is on Fox Sports Net so hopefully enough people get to see it. I don't think many will cuz FSN is showing hockey instead.

Kentucky's ride was good while it lasted. They have LSU this week, UF next week and still have Tennessee and Georgia on the schedule. Rich Brooks had a good thing going but I think UK is going to settle for another second tier bowl.

Some baseball?

I have been struggling to watch any of the playoffs since the Phillies laid an egg but the Rockies look good and I hope the Red Sawx don't win their series. I can't root for the Indians either for the simple reason that my college buddy Bill is an Indians fan. I guess I'm stuck with the D-Backs. Is there a way all the teams can lose?

Lastly; check for my article in the St. Pete Times on Saturday. I'm covering a high school game between Ft. Myers Evangelical Christian and St. Pete Admiral Farragut Academy. Don't know how good the game will be but the hard part will be not be wasting all my space on writing the names.

My alma mater Venice High has the week off but next week has a big district game against Charlotte High. My boy Logan will be in town from the ATL this weekend so I don't know how much posting will take place but check back soon.

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