Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In the beginning

SPORTS is man's joke on God=Within God's universe we created a sub-universe called Sports. One that absolutely doesn't matter and we follow everything as if it were Life and Death.
- Sam Kellerman

"I can only talk sports. No matter how depressed I am I can always read the Sports section." - George Costanza

This is the beginning of what hopefully is written for a while. I'm Nate Cowan as most of you know since only my friends and family will be reading this now so there isn't much of a reason to introduce myself. Since most of my conversations with you all concern sports I figure I might as well write about it.

For the few things we I do want to say:

I'm a fan of all sports teams Philly. I love the Eagles (B-Dawk, Westbrook, Bunk and most of all #5); the NL East champion Phillies (J-Roll for MVP, thanks for tanking everyone else); the Flyers (please be good this season); and the Sixers ( but I'm having a hard time since they got rid of A.I. and didn't pick Al Thornton). I also root for the Devil Rays but there the only local team I claim. And I will always call them the Devil Rays no matter how many times they try to change their name and uniforms.

As an alum of FSU they're my favorite college squad and now that I am attending USF I guess I like them too. I root for the Gators a little b/c I want all the Florida teams to be the best and my cousin Lutrel Alford plays for them. He's number 99.

I watch any and everything sports so soccer and golf are in play. So are track and field, swimming and anything else that falls in this category.

I spend most of my nights watching games so on most days I'll have something to say.

So hopefully this is the start of a long friendship and many comments from your end.

In the words of Scoop Jackson: "Life is short. Get married to sports."


Courtney said...

Nate- This is awesome... can't wait for the next one!

Melissa said...

This is a great idea Nate- I see no better outlet for your sports knowledge and this is a great way for people to interact. You can be the next professional blogger... but it will be better because its sports... SWEET.

Go Noles.. down with the wake... Go Bulls...

p.s. The white people want to know if you will be discussing nascar...

Anonymous said...

Great Idea Nate! I'll be following this blog!

Anonymous said...

This is cool my friend. We'll have to talk a little hockey!