Friday, December 18, 2009

Who to Watch the Game With

Most of the time the weekend blogs and radio shows fill their time and space with picks. I'll give you my NFL winners in a moment, but I had something I wanted to write about. I'm newly married and this means less time with the fellas and more time with my wife, including watching games. Now my wife is a sports fan more than most, but I don't learn anything watching the game with her and can't ask her opinions.

This got me thinking, if I had tickets to the Super Bowl/World Series/or other big sporting event of my choice, who would I take? I pose the same question to you. Pick the event and the people you would go with up to five.

NFL Winners Week 15








Eagles (I'd never pick against my team)









august15wife said...

You'd better take me!! :)

paul said...

I've always wanted to go to two sporting events. The Masters and Wimbledon. For the Masters I would have to take my dad with me. For Wimbledon I would want to take my buddy Zander because he is the only other guy I know who gets onto tennis like I do. But I would probably have to take the little lady to both as well, she doesnt like being left behind.

Nate said...

As bad as it sounds my wife falls in at like seven or eight. But we go to everything together. We went to the World Series last year.

Steve said...

Damn Nate. You're walking a fine line my friend. The Masters was badass, I went with Bill which was cool since he knows more about golf than anyone I know. The only thing I really want to go to is the Kentucky Derby. That would be good to go with your ole lady, or your best friends.

Anonymous said...

You would take your mother in law of course :) such a bonding experience...

august15wife said...

I agree with Steve - be careful!Any sporting event? I would take you. But maybe not anymore. You've just moved down to about ninth on my list.

~Courtney~ said...

What do you mean you can't ask opinions during a game with your wife? You are lucky to have Callie! Girls like us are hard to find. Did you know it's hard to find a guy who knows as much about sports as you and my fiance do (that's not intimdated by our knowledge)? You should take her so that you can experience these things together because in the end, she is the one who's going to be rocking on the front porch with you holding your hand and telling your grandchildren about all of the cool things you did together.

Ok for my events- The Masters. So exclusive and prestigious. Of course I would take Geoff.
Now the other events depend on if my teams are playing. Would love to go to a Super Bowl with the Panthers in it, the Men's Basketball National Championship with the Tar Heels in it, the World Series with the Braves in it, etc. Oh forgot about NASCAR - Talladega and the Daytona 500.

Nate said...

Yes I'm blessed to have someone who knows as much as she does. However, I can't ask her do you pitch to Ortiz with first open, or should Jimmie Johnson roll the dice on taking two or four tires. There are many thing I would take her to, and have. But sometimes you have to talk to someone in the know.

Carmel said...

I'd go to the Olympics - preferably summer because snow's not my thing. I'd take hubby, my son and my grandson. - C