Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big Ten/ACC Challenge - Whiteout?

So I'm watching the Big Ten/ACC Challenge and this might be the year the Big 11 breaks through. As you might know, the ACC has won all 10 challenges up to this point. With Illinois pulling out a big upset after being down 23 at Clemson, the Challenge comes down to the last two contests: Duke at Wisconsin and FSU at Ohio State. Duke has never lost a challenge game but playing at Wisconsin is no easy task. However, I still expect the Blue Devils to win.

On another note, I almost saw a whiteout. A whiteout is when all ten players on the floor at the time are white. Occasionally you'll see it during a lower division game, but it rarely happens in big time college hoops. Duke and Wisconsin almost pulled it off. Duke had Kyle Singler, Miles Plumlee, Brian Zoubek and Jon Schyer on the floor; while the Badgers had Jason Bohannan, Keaton Nankivil, Jared Berggren and Jon Leuer playing. If it wasn't for Trevon Hughes and Andre Dawkins, we could have seen a white out on national tv.

I'm happy to see that the other Big Bowl Six (ACC, Big 10, Big East, Pac 10, Big 12, SEC) have started showcases like the Big 10/ACC Challenge. The Pac 10 goes up against the Big 12 and the SEC and Big East square off. It gives great out of conference matchups early in the season before conference season gets going.


Steve said...

It's a good thing the "white-out" didn't occur because it's possible the world would've exploded. Speaking of racial topics, how about my boy Toby Gerhart? It looks like Team White may have found its running back of the future. The days of Nick Goings and Brian Leonard are long gone.

Nate said...

Gerhart is a beast. Give him the Heisman