Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Can anybody spare LESS than a penny

So we know the Tiger Woods story from the weekend. He got into a car accident. I don't really care about the stories that are coming out (domestic violence and cheating), but I do laugh at the fine.

Tiger just passed $1 billion in earnings this year. He was fined $164 for careless driving. I have spent a while trying to do the math and that was a bad idea. What I do know is that $164 to Tiger is like one of us grabbing a penny from the tray at the gas station. Now yes his car is beat up and he has to fix the fire hydrant, but all of it is still a drop in the bucket to Tiger's immense wealth.


Anonymous said...

How do you think his golf charity will do if he can't play?

Nate said...

The golf charity should do fine. It still has his name on it. Maybe less people will show up but that won't happen all of the time.

Steve said...

The tournament has offered full refunds to anyone who wants to redeem their tickets. So far they're reporting very few ticketholders asking for refunds.