Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Carlos Dunlap

I have to say I'm surprised that Urban Meyer suspended Carlos Dunlap for an entire game. While it is warranted, I thought he'd use the misdemeanor/let the legal process take its course excuse and let him suit up. He is a force on the defensive line and leads the Gators in sack for the second straight season. I give the Gator coach some props on this one.


august15bride said...

I agree. Urban got this one right. Why was this guy out drinking until 3am the week of the SEC Championship anyway?

Anonymous said...

eh. I'm a bit releuctant to give him props. I doubt he's suspended if not for the huge amount of critisicm he took for Brandon Spikes awful 1 quarter suspension, in which Spikes decided to suspend himself.

He gives Dunlap a pass, and the media is ripping him a new one. Plus Dunlap was asleep at a green light. That's hard to do Nate.