Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No One Cares about Academics

So news came out that the University of Alabama is giving its students three days off for the National Championship game. Aren't these the same institutions that say they don't want a playoff because it will hinder student athletes from missing too may classes? And aren't these the same institutions that allow basketball players to miss three or four days of classes a week, sometimes for up a month, during the NCAA tournament?

There is no way for the BCS and college presidents to spin this one. I just want one president or athletic director or someone that keeps feeding us this load of crap to tell it like it is. As Henry Hill said, "F--- y--, Pay Me."

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Matt O'Hern said...

I agree! It's hypocrisy in the highest form! If FCS (I-AA) can do it, so can the FBS!