Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sorry for the Hiatus

So I planned to pick all of the bowl games but I had to study for the Series 7 exam and the blog took a back seat. Now that I have finished and passed, I'm ready to get back in the swing of things.

The last game I picked I was way off. I thought SMU would challenge Nevada but I didn't think they would blow them out the way they did. Anyway, Bowling Green takes on Idaho in the Humanitarin Bowl. The game is played on the Smurf Turf of Boise giving Idaho a small homefield advantage. The spread in this game has Idaho giving the Falcons one point (-1). Since I really don't know much about these teams I'll agree with Vegas.

The Cornhuskers of Nebraska take on Arizona in the Holiday Bowl tonight. The last time we saw the Huskers they were about to throw a big wrench into the BCS but came up one second short against Texas. In tonight's game, they're giving 2 1/2 to the Wildcats. While I'm really impressed with the Black Shirts again, I don't see them beating Arizona or covering the spread. It has been said that Arizona has the most talent in the Pac-10 outside of SC and I think they will be able to score just enough points to beat the Huskers.

As for my thoughts on some stories that happened while I was away:

Colts, take it from Herm Edwards, "You play to win the game!"

Urban, are you really risking your health for football? That's my kind of coach. I'm not a Gator fan, I love the Noles and him leaving would probably benefit us, but if he loves the game that much then keep coaching. Plus the big salary doesn't hurt either.

Tomorrow I'll pick the New Year's Eve and Day Bowl games.

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