Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fired Over Fantasy Football

Fantasy Sports is one of the biggest things going on is sports right now. For many people, its how you kill time in the morning before starting your work day and it gives bragging rights with your friends. However, if you work for Fidelity Investments, don't tell anyone about your fantasy leagues.

Fidelity fired four people for playing fantasy football. Yes Fidelity wants their employees focusing their time and equipment on "customers and clients." They also have a code about gambling as well. But isn't firing someone over fantasy football a little much? I find it ironic that a company that plays the stock market gets upset when its employees gamble.

Here is a link to the entire article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

I think the firing is too much but I haven't worked in an office for a while. What do you guys think about firing someone for fantasy football? And do you think the problem gambling is the problem?


Anonymous said...

I think that workers need to remember that they are being paid to work...not to text their friends or surf the net..When I worked..along time ago...You got a 15 minute brake for every 4 hours you worked. Durng that time you went to the bathroom, go a snack, made a call if you needed and then went back to work...your personal stuff was done on your personal time. So what I'm saying is...yes they had every right to fire them

Hasan said...

Fantasy football in the work environment should not be grounds for being fired.  Every day we face the daily grind and stress of deadlines and long hours.  Fantasy football not only provides a break from modern day slavery, but it also instills a sense of comradery amongst those you work with.  To be asked to work 8-10 hours per day, tirelessly, is unreasonable and inefficient.  If managing your team affects your work performance then yes, being fired isn’t hard to fathom.  But that goes along with anything that detrimentally affects work performance. 

I play fantasy football, I manage my team at work, and I even speak openly about it at work without reservation.  It’s not and won’t be an issue unless my deliverables begin to slip.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Fidelity management for proving that not all morons are politicians.

Patrick said...

Im guess their boss didn't make the playoffs?