Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jags Game Showing in Local Market and the Perfect Season

For the first time this season a Jacksonville Jaguars game will be showing in the local market. The NFL has a rule that games need to be sold out three days before the game is played or the local market is blacked out and can't see the game.

Now with the game on NFL Network, it remains to be seen how many people actually see the game. I guess by now the people of Jacksonville are used to going out to watch their team play so tonight won't take them out of their comfort zone.

Now with the Jags having so much trouble selling out their stadium, it has been speculated that they will pick UF QB Tim Tebow in the NFL Draft. Outside of ticket and merchandise sales, I don't see Tebow being an immediate contributor to the Jags next season. Outside of some specialized packages like the Wildcat, its going to be two or three years before he can be a legit NFL quarterback. And I'm not sure he even becomes a legit starting QB without some changes in his delivery, mechanics, and having an offense tailored to him.

On another note, the Saints and Colts are both 13-0 and have locked up home-field throughout the playoffs in the Colts case and close to it in the case of the Saints. Now the question is do the teams go for the perfect record or rest players. The Saints coach Sean Payton had already said his team will go for it while the Colts have a history of resting guys. The Colts also have a history of early playoff flame outs. If you were running one of these franchises, would you instruct your coach to go for the perfect season or rest guys so they are ready for the playoffs?


Hasan said...

The season objective is to win the Super Bowl. I think the Colts and Saints should focus on that, not a perfect season. In other words, if Brees, Manning, or another other starter can use a week or two off in order to make a stronger push in the playoffs they should grab some bench.

august15wife said...

There's no way Manning takes a week or two off - he's got his starting QB streak to keep alive. But he may just start the game, and rest the duration of the game. I think the Colts will rest their players - but I feel like the Saints really want that perfect season. I think they will keep playing their guys, but I don't think it will hurt them in the long run. If anything, it will keep their momentum alive.

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