Thursday, December 3, 2009

Leave Tiger Alone

I didn't want to talk about it but the elephant is in the room.

Apparently the guy cheated on his wife and now everyone wants to be mad at him. Guess what...IT'S NO BIG DEAL. The only person who should care is his wife. Jesper Parnevik, the golfer who introduced them, is talking about how he thought Tiger was a better guy than that. Jesper would have done the same thing if he had Tiger's options. And Elin will be fine. Either they'll stay married or should get the joy of just going to the bank the rest of her life.

Now before you get on me and ask me if I'd cheat on my wife and all that nonsense let me explain. I don't care what Tiger does Monday through Wednesday, I watch him play golf on Thursday through Sunday. Anytime outside of that, he can do what he wants. He is not accountable to me, he isn't my role model. The guy just plays golf and I enjoy watching him do his job.

Tiger won't lose sponsors either. Most of the people who buy products Tiger markets are men who really don't care that much. Michael Jordan is still peddling Nike and Gatorade and he cheated on his wife.

At the end of the day, people don't care as much as they're saying now. In a few months when he's playing on Sunday in Augusta, I won't care about what happened. I didn't care about Colorado when Kobe was winning the Finals MVP this summer, I didn't care that Peter Warrick got a deep discount on clothes when he was torching Virginia Tech in leading FSU to its last national title, and I don't care that Tom Brady left his pregnant girlfriend to start dating a supermodel.

They're athletes and I appreciate the entertainment and joy they bring me; however, they're human and should always be treated as such.


Anonymous said...

You don't think Jesper has options? Dude is prob worth close to 30 million in earnings, sponsorships, and appearance fees. Certainly not worth a billion, but I'd say a man who has made close to 30 mill has more than enough options.

Jesper gets to be upset though...he introuduced them, she was his nannie for multiple years, and is a close family friend. He has a right to be upset.

And like Kobe, if you're going to cheat, can these guys step it up a notch? This Uchital chick looks like a Tranny...don't even get me started on Kobe's Colorado pal. I'm 99% certain Jesper could have his way with Tigers ladies too....hell, one of them was on "Tool Academy". You don't think she's a money grubbing gold-digger, who'd chill with Jesper and his sweet hats? I'm not a "Tool Academy" follower, but I'm fairly certain Jepser would have held his own when it comes to being a gentleman.

Jesper 1 - Tiger 0.

Nate said...

Jesper's a gentleman. I don't care. That's what I'm saying. Sure he can as mad as he wants. I don't care. Tell Jesper to go win a major and give me someone to watch on Sundays.

Tiger 14 Jesper 0

Tiger $1,000,000,000
Jesper 30,000,000

Think Tiger wins again

Anonymous said...

The point was Jesper could have Tigers ladies, but he doesn't. Just because you're a billionaire doesn't mean you have to cheat. Shocking no, but not a certainity either. Tiger made his bed and is now sleeping in it. Jesper's comments were spot on, he hasn't been a good husband and he regrets introducing them. I think that's fair...especially when Tiger is floating texts to "Tool Academy" stars that say.."When's the last time you were f#cked? I'm going to wear you out" and he's leaving voice-mails to chicks saying his wife might be giving them a call.

Sidenote here...who remembers when Tiger caught a little bit of flack for dropping a joke to a group of women while preparing for a magazine interview: Q: "How does a black man take off a condom?"
A: "He rubs his feet together."

Even funnier in retrospect.

Nate said...

That joke is classic.

I'm not saying Tiger has to or should cheat. All I'm saying is that sports fans don't really care. I'm still going to watch golf when Tiger plays and even when he doesn't.

And I don't think Jesper could have Tiger ladies. He could probably pull, but not Tiger ladies.

Lloyd said...

It doesn't seem fair that Tiger is trashed so bad for doing what any golfer would do. He went on a trip and "Played A Round."

Jonathan Wood said...

in todays world when you see athletes caught for drugs, dui's, raping women, carring reality what tiger did wasnt all that bad. he crashed his car in a private community and didnt damage and personal property or hurt anyone but his self. do i agree with cheating on his wife no....but this is the world we live in and athletes do it all the time. i agree with you nate once he is winning majors no one will remember this. all we care is what he does when he has a driver in his hands. are nike and gatorade and buick going to drop him hell no. he makes they way too much and will continue too. like you said his products are bought mostly by men who dont care what his personal life is about. in a few weeks this will be old news. peace bro