Friday, November 2, 2007

Hingis and Coke, Who's Jerseys are They Wearing, the Yankees

Someone please explain Martina Hingis to me. She dominates tennis for a while when no one could beat the Williams sisters, reitres to kick it, comes back and plays decent but not great, then retires again so she doesn't have to face a two year suspension for coke? Her excuse for saying why that could never happen is that, "no one could play a game while under the influence of that stuff." I guess in Europe they have never seen Lawrence Taylor play.

Last nights GT v VT game was that entertaining. VT rolled them up pretty easily behind Sean Glennon. I noticed this later that Glennon, backup qb Tyrod Taylor, rover Kam Chancellor and cornerback Brandon Flowers were wearing old GT jerseys. Apparently these players jerseys got lost somehow and GT provided them with old ones. The players blackend out the Yellow Jackets on the front of the jersey and wrote their names on the back with a Sharpie. What I didn't notice was that they had to blacken the Russell Athletic Symbol and drew their own Nike swoosh. Corporate sponsoring at its finest when the players remember to make sure they have a Nike swoosh.

As much as I try to avoid it the Yankees are still in the news. Joe Girardi has chosen the number 27 for what he says, " a symbol the goal of the team for the team this season." Championship number 27 for those not scoring at home. Good luck Joe, your team is aging and you'll probobly be without baseball's best player from April to October 1.

Grady Little will be seeing Joe Torre is his sleep. Not only did Torre beat the Red Sawx in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS that cost Little his job. Now the Dodgers decided to court Torre and name him managers without even getting rid of Little first. I'm not sure if Torre is the great manager everyone makes him out to be. Before he came to New York, Torre was 894-1003 as a manager in the National League. I don't know if he can still do it in L.A. I think it will tarnish his image as a great manager but what it will really do is let everyone know he wasn't that good in the first place.

Tonight I'm at St. Pete High again covering Seminole at St. Pete High. STP hadn't won a game until I started covering them and now they are 2-0 since I've been there. For Josh's sake, maybe they can go 3-0

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Joshua said...

You need to be present at every STP game! 3-0.