Monday, November 19, 2007

Field Goals Aren't Reviewable

I know William McConnell is very happy about the result of the Browns-Ravens game from Sunday. After Phil Dawson's kick was originally called no good, replay showed that the ball actually hit the support through the uprights and bounced back. While the referee didn't actually go under the hood to review it, the play was still reviewed and the reversed. The Baltimore players were changing and already in the locker room when they were told that they would have to play overtime. Right then I know the Ravens had no chance. When a player takes himself out of the game mode its really hard to turn it back on. For example, in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl the Hurricanes players had already dumped water on their coach and were celebrating their win when the flag came out. Now they have to get ready to play again against a team that has new life. I guess you got lucky again William.

What's wrong with the Colts? I know they're banged up but 13 points against the Chiefs at home? The second straight game Peyton doesn't have a TD pass. I agree a W is a W but two weeks ago the Colts should have beaten New England and now the Pats have distanced themselves even further.

I think Bobby Petrino has given up on the Falcons this season and is waiting to land Brian Brohm. There is no reason for him to be playing Byron Leftwich instead of Joey Harrington. They both are bad but Harrington has been better. Right now the Falcons are just a bad football team and it may be a while before they can fix it.

I still can't believe the Packers are 9-1. I have been impressed with their defense but not with much else. Favre is playing better than in previous years but I don't think they will make much noise in the playoffs.

The Steelers and Jags are both 7-3 now but I still don't think they're in a class with the Pats. After watching the Steelers lose to the Jets they don't have what it takes to beat the Pats or Colts for that matter. I really liked Big Ben after last week but yesterday he didn't make the plays he made the week before and the Jets D shut Willie Parker down.

By the way, did you see Pittsburgh giving Leon Washington the Devin Hester treatment? Maybe Josh Cribbs from the Browns needs to added to the list. The Ravens kicked to him twice late in the game and he killed them.

As for the Jags, their D held LT to 62 yards without Marcus Stroud. They will only play better when he gets back and with the way they run the football they could beat anyone.

I'm never one to say a pro athlete is under paid but Brian Westbrook has a point. He is the Eagles best player and only offensive playmaker. He plays hurt and he puts up yards and points. His latest contract is for $25 million but he has probobly out performed the deal compared to what other starting running backs are making.

In the Monday nighter I see the Titans beating the Broncos. For two reasons, Tennessee runs the ball well and Denver can't stop the run. The second reason is the Titans D is nasty and will give Jay Cutler fits. I think the score will be 23-10.

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Anonymous said...

Rollins and Holliday's numbers were probably good enough to get them on the AL All-Star team so pretty solid

I too hope the Pats get beat Sunday night....Tom Brady is good, but getting way too much credit for there success....Corky from "Life Goes On" could put up monstrous numbers behind that O-line let alone receiving core

That being said, doubt the E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles have much success

Hopefully Geno knocks the shit out of Tebow....unlikely though

winner of Kansas - Mizoou for Heisman