Monday, November 26, 2007

Ovinton J'Anthony Mayo and more college hoops

After last night's football game (yes the one my team blew), I stayed up late to watch USC play Southern Illinois and get my first look at Trojan super frosh O.J. Mayo. Thanks to Tim Floyd I had to stay up an extra half hour because he didn't start Mayo, or sophomore Taj Gipson for that matter. When Mayo finally did come in I liked the way he played but he didn't do anything that made me get up out of my seat and go crazy (which I tend to do a lot during a good game). I am forgoing sleep to catch west coast games like I always do but I need to send a memo to the coaches out there to play good games so its worth my while, and anyone else on this coast that stays up.

Speaking of hoops, at least FSU's mens hoops team decided to show up and beat the Gators 65-51. I wasn't sure what Coach Ham's guys had in the bag after losing to Cleveland State, but the senior laden backcourt needs it to continue.

Another thing I like about this season is that the other four of the Big Bowl Six Conferences (Big Bowl Six - ACC, SEC, Big 12, Pac-10, Big East and the Big 11) are pitting their teams against each other in showcases like the Big 11/ACC Challenge. The Big 12 and Pac-10 are starting a Hardwood Series, and the SEC and Big East are having a Showdown. Everybody benefits from these showcases. We the fans get to benefit because instead of the normal early season blowouts we get innter conference matchups and the teams get to get good wins on their tournament resumes. Enjoy this week as the ACC and Big 11 kick it off. Wake Forest got the ACC off to a good start with a win at Iowa. Tomorrow features these matchups - GT at Indiana, Wisconsin at Duke, Purdue at Clemson, Northwestern at UVA and my Noles get to host Minnesota. Enjoy the next three weeks of good matchups as college hoops heats up and that other season that I refuse to talk about comes to a close.

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Anonymous said...

Mayo is a headcase. Ask Bill Walker about it and the numerous men/women he beat up while at College Hill.

His attitude on the court seems to be positive thus far, although it's never good when you get disciplined 4 games into your career at USC.

On another note, I seriously wonder who FSU will be able to get through admissions with all of this heat. They are normally able to pass several "borderline" guys through, but I doubt that is the case this year. Keith Wells, DE, from Georgia is already re-thinking his committment.