Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jimmy is MVP

I said it right after the season ended that Jimmy Rollins is the MVP and I'm happy my guy won. Yes I'm a homer but I still think he deserved the award over Matt Holliday. Yes Holliday's team beat Rollins's team in the playoffs but the MVP is a regular season award. Both players had stellar seasons (Rollins hit .294, 30 HR, 38 2B, 20 3B, 94 RBI and stole 41 bases while playing every single game and winning the Gold Glove at shortstop; Holliday hit .340, 36 HR, 50 2B, 6 3B, 137 RBI and stealing 11 bases, he also led the league in total bases). Both were great but I'm happy Jimmy got the nod.

I was wrong about Monday Night Football this week. I was sure that the Titans would just turn around and hand the ball off but with the big plays the Broncos kept getting, Tennessee couldn't do that. Brandon Stokely caught a 49 yard Td pass from Jay Cutler and Glenn Martinez had an 80 yard punt return. Denver was able to ite themselves for the first in the AFC West with San Diego at 5-5. That's a terrible division as they have no winning teams. Mike Shanahan continues to churn out running backs. Monday Night's edition was Andre Hall, the former South Florida running back scoring his first career touchdown on a 62 yard run.

The NFC West is in terrible too and has one winning team in the 6-4 Seahawks. I don't think that will last that long and the Cardinals at 5-5 still have a chance to overtake them.

All the Bucs fans are happy but the NFC South stinks. The Bucs picked a good time for everyone in the division to have misfortune. I don't want them to keep winning but I'm happy for Jeff Garcia after the way my team dumped him in Philly.

Speaking of Philly, it would make my year for them to knock of the Pats in New England on Sunday night. I believe it can happen if they can shorten the game and Jim Johnson's D gets to Brady. Easier said than done.

I wish the FSU LBs would just be quiet. I appreciate their confidence and willingness to want to stop Tebow but make it happen on the field. Let your play do the talking. I really want Geno Hayes and Dekoda Watson to back it up. If I had to choose one victory to get from the weekend I want the Noles to beat the Gators.


Anonymous said...

Rollins and Holliday's numbers were probably good enough to get them on the AL All-Star team so pretty solid

I too hope the Pats get beat Sunday night....Tom Brady is good, but getting way too much credit for there success....Corky from "Life Goes On" could put up monstrous numbers behind that O-line let alone receiving core

That being said, doubt the E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles have much success

Hopefully Geno knocks the shit out of Tebow....unlikely though

winner of Kansas - Mizoou for Heisman

PS........unbelievable on the Birds V Browns game....how an official doesn't know that rule is very embarrassing for the league

It's clear from replay the official on the left wanted to call it good and the ass hat on the right assumed from the ball landing on the field it was a miss w/o ever contemplating it could have hit the extension

Props to whover the guy oin the left was for getting through to Morreli

(posted in wrong blog thread....my b)

Joshua said...

Gotta agree with you on Geno and Dekoda...

But I'm going to vent my frustration with the media on your blog: Leave the Packers alone!

Sure, the DB's may have offered the D line an incentive to hold AD to under 100 yards, but they didn't say injure him. And even if they did, look who actually took him out - Al Harris with a clean tackle. All this media distraction is going to hurt the Packers momentum and it's pissing me off. 500 dollars is nothing to these guys anyways....players like portis, sean taylor are willing to take 1000 dollar fines every sunday so they can wear different color shoes (that usually look better anyways). Hopefully Pacman jones, chris henry, or tank johnson do something really stupid soon so the media has something better to talk about.