Monday, November 26, 2007

Can I get a Football Win this Weekend

All I asked for last week was to get a win out of one my team's in big games this weekend and neither one of them delivered. FSU got crushed and it was not close ant any point in the game. I wanted the linebackers that did all of the talking in the time leading up to the game to make plays and they made none. Everytime the Gators needed a play they made it and FSU's offense drove down the field but kept having to settle for Gary Cismesia field goals. Cismesia provided the only bright spot hittinga 60 yard field goal.

The Eagles had many chances to win Sunday Night's game until A.J. Feeley made a terrible decision. Philly had been killing the Pats with in cuts all night but Feeley went deep at the wrong time. Late in the game with the Eagles drving Feeley went up top on Asante Samuel who picked off the pass to seal the victory. The Pats looked vulnerable and the Eagles have written the blueprint on how to beat the Pats.

After these two games I have finally moved on from football season and conceded that I am doomed to another long summer of hope that one of them will get it together.

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