Sunday, November 18, 2007

Football this weekend

Another one of my friends decided to get married so my football watching on Saturday was limited but I managed to watch FSU play and the Michigan-Ohio State games while treating the soon to be married man to a last second lunch at Hooters. Congratulations Gavin and Katie.

So after I point out that Big 12 should be smiling right now Oklahoma goes out and loses to Texas Tech. The Sooners will still most likely play in the conference championship game but if they beat the North representative then the Big 12 will not have a rep in the title game. I haven't gotten to watch Red Raider freshman Michael Crabtree but after seeing last night's highlights he is the real deal. I thought his numbers were a product of the system but he is outstanding.

Michigan lost to the Buckeyes again and Lloyd Carr is apparantly going to retire. The Les Miles talk can start now. I'm not as sold as most that he is automatically leaving LSU but I do understand why people say he is. He played there, he's a Schembechler guy, he coached there but he would be leaving a lot of talent at LSU. Plus, if he wins the National Title, does he just up and leave? He would have lots of great recruits coming in and a talented team coming back. Maybe the pull of coaching at his alma mater would be too much for him to say no to. I only want Michigan fans to understand that it's not a slam dunk that Les Miles will be their next coach.

The more I watch Preston Parker the more I like him. My buddy Josh who was at the game said it perfectly, Parker is a poor man's Percy Harvin. With Antone Smith, Jamaal Edwards and Russell Ball all hurt Jimbo Fisher decided to turn to Parker as the main running back. Yes he put the ball on the ground a few too many times but he still ran for more than 100 yards and scored a TD. I'm hoping next week's matchup against UF goes in my favor. I'll be there and I don't want to have to deal with any UF people. The Noles already lost to Miami this year and I don't want to lose to both of our rivals in the same year.

I oly got to see parts of the BC-Clemson game but it was an instant classic. Matt Ryan continually leads the Eagles back and now they will be playing the winner of the Commonwealth Cup (UVA vs VT) for the conference championship in Jacksonville.

I'm happy the Eagles won today but #5 got hurt again. I'm getting nervous with all of the trade talk anyway but maybe the Eagles have the right idea.

I'm really happy the NBA season has started but not happy that the Celtics are still undefeated. Boston people don't deserve all of this winning. The Sixers have given me no hope for this season. They have Andre Iguodala and nothing else.

More to come tomorrow and I promise I will be better about posting.

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