Monday, November 5, 2007

The Weekend in Football

Where do I begin? I need to get better about doing this as the games are happening.

First of all I didn't get to watch as much ball Saturday as I would have liked. The wedding tour made a stop in Venice for my boy Brad to get married. I did manage to watch the FSU game.

I'm elated that FSU decided to show up and ball in Boston on Saturday night. Many critics thought the game was a speed bump in BC's run but the Noles proved otherwise. The offense finally showed consistency and Drew Weatherford made me eat crow by having a big game and coming up with the plays when they needed them. Even better was seeing my favorite Nole Geno Hayes seal the game with the pick 6.

There is a lot of space on the USF bandwagon these days. After peaking at number 2 the Bulls have crashed back down to Earth and may be relegated to a second tier bowl game again. It seemed that everytime I looked up the Bulls were turning the ball over. I have been skeptical of Matt Grothe for a long time and while I like him a lot he has a lot of growing up to do. He can't keep making the same mistakes. What would really help him out is if they Bulls got a running game. Between Mike Ford, Jamar Taylor and Ben Williams one of those guys have to start carrying the load.

Dennis Dixon is the truth. All the talk of him not being ready becuase he played baseball this summer is taking a backseat to the stellar perfromances he puts on every Saturday. With the help of Jonathan Stewart the Ducks offense may have a shot to get into the National Championship if they can get a little help from the teams above them.

The Gators looked ok and whoever's decision it was to move Mike Pouncey to defense made a good one. He brings nice energy to the defense. And Percy Harvin is amazing. I'm talking to my dad while he was at the game and all of a sudden the conversation stops when Harvin got the ball. Everytime he has the ball I can't look away because he could do something special. It pains me that he is only a sophomore and the Noles have to deal with him this year and next year.

Darren McFadden just put himself back in the Heisman race. His 300 yard game on Saturday was absurd and to think that sidekick Felix Jones also ran for 100 yards also. Both backs are over 1000 yards again this season. With Arkansas not being that good this season I thought McFadden wouldn't have a chance to win the trophy but the definition of the award is the most outsanding player and D-Mac has been that.

As I said before I didn't get to watch a lot but I did get to see many of the NFL games and I'll have more on that later.

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