Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm Back After a Long Delay

So I'm sorry for not posting as much as I should but I think that I have been able to correct my computer problems. I know I missed a lot in the last few weeks (Adrian Peterson's record game, the Antonio Cromartie coming out party, Tim Tebow's 7 TD game, College Gameday at some Division III school, and a lot of hockey check that I always miss hockey) I can only pick up from where yesterday left off.

Three big stories in one day. #2 Oregon loses QB Dennis Dixon and then a shot at the National Title last night losing to Arizona 34-24; A-Rod re-signs with the Yanks for $275 million; and the granddaddy of them all the Feds finally brought charges against Barry Bonds.

Barry's career is over. He had a lot of baggage to deal with anyway and now that he's been charged with perjury and obstruction of justice, his talent can't overcome the headaches he causes. I don't know if I said this before but what bothers me about Bonds is not the he was a jerk to everyone, not that he blew to the size of the Incredible Hulk and broke the home run record, it's that he was so good before all of the steroid talk. He was the definition of a five-tool player. His first MVP season in 1990 he hit .301, 33 home runs, 114 RBI and stole 52 bags while winning his first of eight Gold Gloves. His second MVP in 1992 he hit .311, 34 HR,103 RBI, and stole 34 bases. 1996 he had a 40/40 season, 42 HR/40 SB; and in 1998 (I call this the jealousy season where he was mad at Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa for getting all of the pub) he hit .303 with 37 HRs and drove in 122 runs. In 2001, he hit 73 home runs way above his career high of 49. He's the only player to hit 500 homeruns and steal 500 bases and all of this was before the steriod talk started. So I mad one of the best players in history tainted his already amazing numbers by becoming greedy and jealous. My question now is what changed from what the Feds already had to yesterday? I don't think Greg Anderson sang but he may have gotten sick of sitting in jail.

I'm not even going to devote much time to A-Rod. 10 years/275 million. Less than what Scott Boras his agent wanted to get him but more than he was making. The news is that the Yankees offered Mike Lowell a four year deal to play first base but I don't think he'll leave Boston.

Oregon marked the fifth time this season that the #2 team lost joining USF, BC, Cal and USC. I didn't start watching the game until the third quarter (I was at a wedding rehearsal dinner, that's a decent excuse) and checked my phone on the way back home from Sarasota. My man Josh sent me a message that Dixon was hurt and that Oregon had no hope. Dixon scored on a 39 yard run in the first quarter but later hurt the same knee he sprained against Arizona State. Dixon fell to the turf without being touched and the Ducks shot at a national title fell with him. I felt bad watching Brady Leaf (yes Ryan's little brother) try to bring the Ducks back but only hearing that he was just Ryan's brother and isn't that good. Now Brady didn't play that well but give the guy a shot. Just cause his brother is crazy doesn't mean he is. The Big 12 celebrated huge last night as now they're in the driver's seat to have one of their teams in the title game.

Oklahoma has Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and then the Big 12 Championship Game left; Kansas plays Iowa St. this Saturday and Missouri plays Kansas St. Next Saturday Missouri and Kansas play each other for a shot at the Sooners in the title game. The winner of the Big 12 championship will then probobly play for the National Title. If some how all of the Big 12 beats up on each other and someone loses to a team they aren't supposed to, Ohio State can beat Michigan this weekend and sneak in. Or Arizona State can win out and get a shot. I'm still not a fan of the BCS, but it has made every Saturday an entertaining one.

The WAC commissioner is licking his chops. Its highly unlikely, but if high ranked teams keep falling Hawaii and Boise St. may get into the BCS. Right now Hawaii is ranked 13th and BSU 17th. They have a matchup next week and the winner will probobly crash the BCS as long as they don't lose the game after that one. Hawaii will be playing Nevada at 11 tonight, so you can stay up late to watch ro just catch the end after you get home from a night out. Colt Brennan makes all of the games entertaining.

Lastly, my high school alma mater Venice has a home playoff game tonight against Cape Coral so let's hope Coach Peacock and the boys can get the W.


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