Friday, January 8, 2010

Quick Hitters from the BCS Championship Game

After watching the BCS Championship Game last night I had a lot on my mind. I had no team to root for so my interest was on finally getting a pick right. And for anyone that thinks they can get one over on the odds makers in Vegas, I finished exactly 12-12 picking against the spread for the bowl games. I was only one game better at 13-11 on picking winners.

-Bama won but the game is different if McCoy plays. It had to hurt to finally get to this point and get injured on the fifth play of the game.

- Texas fans were excited about Garrett Gilbert playing for the Horns in 2010, just not in January. Gilbert was serviceable in this game. He did have five turnovers but he made the game interesting in the fourth quarter with two touchdown passes. He won't forget how bad losing in this game felt. With the recruiting that Mack Brown normally does, Gilbert will have Texas bathing in confetti before he leaves Austin.

- Mark Ingram had a great game (116 yards 2 TDs) for the Tide but last night further proved why he shouldn't have won the Heisman. Trent Richardson had an equally impressive game (109 yards 2 TDs). Both players come back next season as well.

- Kirk Herbstreit jinxed the Texas O-Line. Just before Gilbert fumbled on a sack, Herbstreit said the maligned Texas offensive line had not given up a sack. He did apologize for the curse on Sportscenter last night.

- Texas, you have to get touchdowns when you get that close to the goal line, and when you get two quick turnovers to start the game. The score should have been 14-0, or at least 10-0 early in the first quarter. Instead it was 6-0 and the Tide reeled off 24 straight.

- Marcell Dareus should be the player of the game for Alabama. He knocked McCoy out of the game and then had the interception return at the end of the first half to put Alabama up 24-6.

- Texas WRs: you have to make plays for your quarterback, especially a freshman who has that deer in the headlights look. Early when Gilbert came in, Jordan Shipley and company couldn't make a big play and even struggled with some of the routine plays. This made life even more difficult on Gilbert.

- Greg McElroy is alright as a QB, but he is still the Achilles heel of this football team. Julio Jones only had one catch last night and McElroy only threw for 58 yards. By struggling at QB, he takes away one of Bama's best weapons on his own.

- Rolando McClain is going to make a lot of money playing on Sundays. He's big (6'4" 258), fast, and smart. He was the best player on the field a lot of times last night.

- Why do I feel like Terrence Cody is going to be a bust in the NFL? He's huge and clogs running lanes, but he will never be a three down player. He reminds me of Shaun Rogers of the Browns. Can be good when he wants to but can he dominate when he gets tired?

That's all I have for now but let me know what you saw and what you think about the BCS Championship.

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Nick said...

- Gilbert: sick. congrats, texas, your good for the next three years

- Herbie: if i was a pitcher I'd never want him to call my chance at a no-no

- McCoy: how bad do i feel for him. he's a complete class act, he's more relatable than Tebow, probably a better pure qb than Tebow, he looks like a million bucks...what's not to like the kid? he handled the pressure of horn expectation as well as could be expected (trust me. out here in horn land, they EXPECTED colt to deliver) but 5 plays in...gut wrenching

- SEC: the conf. holds half of the BCS titles. it has been speculated that the SEC might try for a platoff to get 2 of their teams in the title game, but why would they ruin a system that rewards their conference above all others?

- Bowls: Decent entertainment. the worst things, for me, about bowls season is the pace of the games. it takes the whole 1st half for the offenses to get their rhythm back after taking a month off. that's another reason bowls don't work for me. play a tourney right after the conf champ games so that we see these teams at thier best. not when ciaches have a month to breakdown when the trick play is going to work.