Monday, January 11, 2010

NFL Playoffs

Cowboys vs Eagles - As much as it pains me to say it, Dallas is just better than the Eagles this season. They beat them handily three times this season and accounted for half of the Philly losses. Now the question is has Donovan played his last game in Philly? And will Andy Reid finally be run out of town? Philly fans shouldn't jump to getting rid of someone who has had that much sustained success, but they also haven't won a Super Bowl. I say keep him, but other Philly fans don't believe in logic either.

Packers vs Cardinals - Fitting that an offensive show is ended by a defensive TD in overtime. I don't know how Arizona let Green Bay back in the game. The onside kick was a great call by McCarthy. Aaron Rodgers had another amazing game and is the second best QB in the NFC. The Cardinals have to play better defense next weekend or Brees and company will pick them apart.

Ravens vs Pats - No team can get down 21 points and expect to come back. Not even New England. The Ravens jumped on them early and never let them up. There were way too many turnovers. I will say I was impressed with Ravens running attack. I wasn't impressed with Joe Flacco's 34 passing yards. Is this the end of the Patriots run? They didn't make the playoffs last year and lost their first home playoff game under Belichick, I think we can say its over.

Jets vs Bengals - Keep talking trash Rex Ryan. I love it and it gives everybody someone to hate in the playoffs. They do have the best defense and best rushing attack, but I don't think they can beat San Diego. I am openly rooting for them, if only to hear Rex keep talking.

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