Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pac-Man vs Pretty Boy

After months of lobbying and trash talking, and even setting a date, the fight of the century is off the table. Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. are not going to be fighting in Vegas on March 13.

The first snag in negotiations was over loot, which isn't a surprise considering Mayweather. Then the site of the fight was in negotiations after Jerry Jones wanted the fight in Dallas but that didn't work out and Vegas was determined for the fight.

The latest problem had to do with drug testing. While both agreed to drug testing, Mayweather wanted more stringent Olympic style testing. His camp has said for months they believe Pacquiao uses performance enhancing drugs and want to ensure a fair fight. Pacquiao doesn't want this kind of testing because he feels it takes away energy.

With neither side able to agree on testing, the fight is now off. Pacquiao has even sued the Mayweather camp for defamation over the PED accusation. And his promoter Bob Arum, who Mayweather used to work with, says Mayweather is coming up with stuff to avoid the fight.

I think both sides need to figure this out. This is a fight fans would love to see. While many say Mayweather is avoiding the fight, I think Pacquiao is just as much to blame. Do the blood testing and fight. No matter how mad he is over the location or the drug testing, he can do something that most people can't do when their job pisses them off; HE CAN PUNCH THE GUY IN THE FACE! So, Floyd, quit "dodging what will be a great fight and Manny get your panties out of a bunch if you have nothing to hide. How would you get these two in a ring together?


Steve said...

First off, let me start by saying that I love Money May, and am partial to him.

This postponement of the fight is all on Pacman. Early on, I agreed that Money was looking for a way to dodge the fight through the drug testing request. However, I read an article that broke down the details of the blood testing and how it would effect a fighter. The article stated that the PED test takes such a small sample of blood that it wouldn't effect an athlete in any possible way. So that shouldn't be an excuse for Pacman. Next Manny's camp said he was afraid of needles. If that's the case then why is he covered in tatoos? I feel that Floyd's request is extremely fair, and Manny is running from the fight, not the other way around. There is too much money on the table for this fight not to happen, and all this is doing is adding drama to what will already be a HUGE fight of the century.

Nate said...

I think the same thing. They can't leave that much loot on teh table. No fight for either of them will ever be able to generate this much income.

Nick said...

do you hear about how Jerry tried to sweeten the deal?

---Jerry promised to sell 80,000 seats and give both camps a cut. Vegas only has 16,00

---He then said he would consinder working out a deal for the suites - which a venue never gives up

---he threw in $25 mil in cash

and he was still willing to talk...

this is the fight boxing needs to slice back into MMA. Pac & Pretty both know it, so they are trying squeeze all they can out of it. unfortunately, the is no "love of the game" here