Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jimbo can do Wrong, USF Coach, and more Clippers bad Luck

As many of you know I'm an FSU Alum and avid Jimbo Fisher supporter. While I wasn't one of those who wanted to push Bobby out of the door, I'm alright with the move being made. I like how Jimbo has brought some new, young coaching talent to Tallahassee, and I really like some of the talent that has committed.

Now Jimbo as rubbed me the wrong way by doing two things. One isn't that big of a deal, and one really bothers me. The first, Jimbo wants to make the state of the art weight room more "football centric (fewer athletes from other sports using that room)."

There is no need for that. I believe that all coaches from all sports should support each other for the good of the athletic department.

Jimbo has also said that he wants to ease the non-conference schedule.

"We have a great non-conference game in Florida. I don't mind playing a tough non-conference game, but I think you're crazy, in my opinion, to go out and play three of them. I think it doesn't enhance you. And here's the other thing: we look at it as fans and say 'Well we should play everybody.' Okay, well how about paying bills? When you go three [non-conference games], you're going back to six home games a year. When you do it the other way, you're guaranteeing seven and when they're on the home schedule you're guaranteeing eight, because you get four conference at home and sometimes four non-conference. There's bills to pay."

I understand there are bills to pay but I love traveling to see a non-conference opponent we normally don't get to, and I like the idea of playing anyone anytime. I understand it was a different time, but that is how Bobby Bowden made his name. He played anyone, anywhere. I'm sure that Jimbo and the athletic director have their reasons, but playing good teams is something that I love doing. However, I have said it before and I'll say it again, in Jimbo I trust.

In other news, Mark Whipple, the offensive coordinator of the Miami Hurricanes, keeps coming up for the USF coaching job. It would be a great hire for the Bulls if they could pull it off.

Lastly, the Clippers bad luck continues. They had an easy choice for the number one pick in the draft with Blake Griffin. But he gets hurt to end the preseason and now we find out he is out for the season. Ouch.


Joshua said...

I like everything Jimbo has done so far.

You think Whipple gets the job? I heard Tommy Bowden and Skip Holtz were candidates too.

Mason said...

in Jimbo we trust. hes coached with Nick Saban, Mickey Andrews and Bobby Bowden - he knows what hes doing.

with FSU losing to every significant team in Florida this past year I'm happy to see all the coaching problems with other schools - Meyers waffling between retirement and coming back, Jim Levitt hitting kids and now UM losing an O coordinator. Somehow we're going to come out of this smelling like roses... love it.

Nate said...

I agree that Jimbo knows what he's doing. With the UM coaching staff now in tact, they should continue to improve.

Joshua said...

Jimbo is doing the right thing with the weight room. Aren't there other weight rooms around campus? I pretty sure the track team has their own. And there is one in Tully gym too. We should allow the football team to have their own since we are a football school. Jimbo is bringing in fitness and nutrition experts and getting us caught up to the other big-time programs.

Nate said...

I highly disagree that Jimbo is doing the right thing with the weight room. Now hoops has their own facility and I'm not sure what amenities the other sports have. But when the plans were done, every sport had to pitch in. Yes football should get first crack at the room, but it shouldn't be off limits to other athletes.