Monday, January 18, 2010

Gaines Adams Dead at 26

I didn't plan on writing anything to day but after seeing this story I had to. Former Buc Gaines Adams is dead at 26. He died after going into cardiac arrest from an enlarged. heart. Its a condition that no one in his family even knew he had.

It amazes me that someone who plays in the show and is normally in top physical condition can have something like this sneak up on them. Also, how was this never found in a pre-season physical?

My heart goes out to the people who were close go Adams in the wake of this tragedy.

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Jonathan Wood said...

its a sad story really is. im with you nate, i dont understand how something like this can be missed espically all the medical attention pro athletes give. my heart goes out to his kid, believe he had a little girl if im not mistaken. once again a young life is taken too soon