Tuesday, January 5, 2010

FSU Vacates Wins

I'm going to admit that I'm biased about this but I think the NCAA was dead wrong to make FSU vacate wins for their academic cheating scandal. All of the athletes that were involved were punished, but its still wrong to make the school vacate the wins. FSU self reported the problems and imposed its own restrictions that included the suspension of athletes and reduction of scholarships.

Now FSU was wrong to let it happen and to spent a lot of time and money trying to get Coach Bowden his wins back, but the NCAA dropped the ball on this one. This week USC self reported violations that a booster funneled money($200,000) from an agent to guard O.J. Mayo. They also proposed restrictions on themselves and the NCAA is cool with it.

SC is still "investigating" over their football players Reggie Bush and Joe McKnight receiving improper benefits.

Yes what FSU did was wrong, but they self reported and had self imposed restrictions and the wins shouldn't be vacated. USC Football is pointing and laughing at the NCAA.

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