Monday, January 25, 2010

Quick Hits on Conference Championship Games

It was another great weekend for football and after five months we finally know the Super Bowl matchup. The Colts beat the Jets and the Saints beat the Vikings. Here are some quick thoughts that I have as both teams enjoy a bye week and the Pro Bowl approaches next week.

AFC Championship

-There has been a debate about Manning vs Brady for QB of the decade. I've been in the Manning camp for a while, and if he can win this Super Bowl I believe the debate ends.

-Rex Ryan, Darrelle Revis is great but he can't guard everyone.

-Did anyone know who Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon were? Everyone does now after they combined for 20 catches, 274 yards and two touchdowns.

-Count me as one who is impressed by Mark Sanchez. He has been continually labeled a game manager, but that hit he took on his second TD pass was a hard one and he still delivered the ball. Jets fans should be excited. They have a up-and-coming QB, a strong O-Line, a stud rookie RB and a great defense. Now what do they do with Braylon Edwards?

-Sorry Peyton, I counted you out when the Jets got the 11 point lead and again you made me look stupid. I thought that if the Jets could have scored a touchdown to make the score 21-6 instead of only getting a field goal, the Colts were done. Guess it didn't matter.

-Where was the #1 Jets defense? Indy hasn't run well all year and they get 101 yards on the ground in your biggest game of the year.

-I wonder when the Colts were losing how many times their leaders and fans thought, "We should have played the starters the entire game and finished off this team in Week 15."

-What's up with the kickers? Jay Feely missed two kicks (albeit long ones) and went 1-3 on the day.

NFC Championship

-Hopefully this is the last we have seen of Brett Favre. He showed a lot of toughness in playing the entire game and taking a beating, but I'm over him and all of the drama. Also, should Favre retire, does Brad Childress call former boss Andy Reid and inquire about Donovan McNabb?

-It's fitting that Favre's last pass would be an INT, running to his right and throwing back into the middle. That's something you learn not to do when you first come up as a QB and he still does what he wants. Three turnovers in your last game, that's about right for #4.

-Adrian Peterson had another great game (122 yards 3 TDs), but can someone teach the man to hold onto the ball?

-Way to bounce back Garrett Hartley after being suspended the first four games of the season. And what a class guy John Carney is after keeping the seat warm for Hartley, becoming the Saints kicking coach.

-Where was the normal Drew Brees? It looked to me that Sean Payton was worried about Brees getting hit and didn't do all of the things on offense the Saints normally do.

-Is it bad that I don't believe this was a great game? High drama? Yes. Six turnovers and penalties that either kept drives going or stalled them equals a sloppy game.

-Credit does go to the Saints for defense for battering Favre and causing some of the turnovers. However, I wouldn't be surprised if they're losing sleep the next two weeks thinking about Peyton Manning.

Pro Bowl

As many of you know, the Pro Bowl is being played at the site of the Super Bowl for the first time this season (Miami). It's also being played the week between the Conference Championship Games and the Super Bowl instead of after the Super Bowl. Now I tend to watch a lot of the game but not the whole thing. However, with everyone still in football mode, do you think that you'll watch more of the Pro Bowl or about the same as always?


Nick said...

- sorry. I can't call that i great game for AP. I don't care if he rushed for 1,000 yards in the game, he can't fumble that much. i know he only lost 1 but another negated a gain he already made. Call Tiki & find a cure.

- I will probably watch more of the pro bowl but ithinks its becuase i'm souring on the NBA. normally, I'd rather watch a meaningful, regular season matchup than an inflated all-star game but the NBA has gotten stale to me.

the NBA is such a different game than any other basketball and i get bored easy. I like to watch the sifferent styles of play at the college level and see that coaching has as much to do witht the outcome as talent.

if the pro cagers provide a little drama, it may pull me away from the pro gridders but i don't expect to be sastified with either.

Steve said...

Has any team ever faced a tougher gauntlet of QBs in the playoffs as New Orleans? They will have to beat three sure-fire HOFers in Warner, Farve, and Manning to win it all.