Sunday, December 2, 2007

Talk About Being Wrong

The season continues to be crazy. Again the number 1 and number 2 ranked teams both lost on the same weekend to baffle the BCS computers and leave everyone wondering what they're going to spit out tonight. Last season the Big 11 ended early and cost Michigan a chance in the title game, this season the two week layoff is the best thing to happen to the Bucks. Ohio State was able to sit around for two weeks and watch all of the teams ahead of them fall by the wayside. Now we have to wait and see who they will play from a gamut of teams: LSU, Georgia, Virginia Tech, USC, Arizona State, Oklahoma and Kansas.

I think I shouldn't pick any games anymore. I wasn't just wrong yesterday, I think I got only one or two games correct.

I started off great in the beginning day with Navy crushing Army 38-3. That was an easy one to pick as Army hasn't challenged Navy in some time now. The game looked competitive early but after Navy's Reggie Campbell ran a kick return back 98 yards for a touchdown to make the score 14-3. After that the Midshipmen did whatever they wanted.

UCF running back Kevin Smith had a huge day racking up 284 yards and four touchdowns. The Knights beat Tulsa going away 44-25. The first half was a shoot out as expected with each team trading scores. UCF went into the locker room up 31-23 but the second half was a different story as Tulsa quarterback Paul Smith was picked off twice near the endzone. The only points Tulsa could muster were a safety in the fourth quarter. With the win UCF earned a berth in the Liberty Bowl and a chance to face a not yet determined SEC opponent.

Here's where I go down the tubes with my picks:

Virginia Tech beat Boston College 30-16. The game was closer than the score shows as VT returned a late INT for a touchdown. I thought Matt Ryan could pull out a victory like he did before in Blacksburg. Ryan threw for 305 yards but also had two costly interceptions, one that was returned for a touchdown. I figured BC's offense would have a better showing in a game where the weather was much better. VT used the two quarterback system to perfection. Sean Glennon passed for three touchdowns and Tyrod Taylor provided the change of pace that wasn't available the first time these two teams met. With all of the rest of the chaos that ensued Saturday VT has an outside shot of getting into the BCS Championship but will most likely meet West Virginia in the Orange Bowl. Normally the second place ACC team goes back to Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl but with all of the empty seats on the BC side I'm not so sure the Gator Bowl people will want that to happen again.

Les Miles had a great press conference about an hour before LSU took the field. He was visibly pissed that word leaked out that he was leaving to go to Michigan. He didn't lose his cool like Mike Gundy but he was stern with the reporters and really pissed off about the misinformation which I also posted yesterday:

What's even better is the look on the LSU higher ups faces as Miles leaves the room.

In the game Tennesse unveiled there hideous all orange uniforms and Erik Ainge played well enough to win. Ainge threw for 249 yards and two touchdowns but also threw two INTs. The second won cost UT the game as Jonathan Zenon took it back for the winning points in a 21-14 LSU win. The UT defense, which was one of the worst in the conference, played up to the task but ultimately their offense did them in. Ryan Perriloux was better than I expected him to be. He came out of high school with all of the hype but this was the first big game he started and he performed. He threw for 243 yards and a score. If LSU does get a shot at Ohio State regular quarterback Matt Flynn will be back but Les Miles should get back to the dual quarterback system that was so successful in the beginning of the season.

The Pac-10 was true to form on Saturday as USC captured their sixth straight conference title. Arizona St. got a 20-17 victory in a touch rivalry game to give themselves a shot at an at-large berth in the BCS. The Oregon and Cal games I was way off. Now let's see what the computers will spit out on Sunday.

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