Tuesday, December 11, 2007

After Finals Edtion

Another long delay but sometimes finals will do that to you. I have been out of the loop all weekend b/c of my devotion to not find out the result of the Mayweather/Hatton fight. I wasn't able to watch it on pay-per-view so I'm waiting to watch it this Saturday on the replay. Here are the few things I have been able to keep up with as I've boycotted every sports newspaper and website where I could find out what happened.

Tebow won the Heisman and will be back next year for a shot at it again. I think he has a legit chance to win it again but if his numbers dip any some may consider it a down year.

FSU finally announced that Bobby Bowden got a contract extension, whatever that means. Why don't FSU and Penn State just put in Coach Bowden's and Coach Paterno's contracts that they can coach until the other one dies. They won't fire either one of them, and even though both coaches say the wins record doesn't matter to them, they continue to let the programs they built into powerhouses reside in mediocrity for the sake of their legacy. I hope FSU took a step in the right direction by making Jimbo Fisher the coach-to-be, but their offense this year was still 82 in the country. Now it was these players first year in the offense and the coaches are getting their own players, but if Coach Bowden retires in three years and the offense still doesn't get any better, is making Coach Fisher the next Head Coach the right idea?

Some quick hits from football on Sunday:

After dispatching the Steelers, the Pats are going 19-0. They blow people out and always figure out a way to win the close ones when they need to. Brady and Moss are having the greatest year ever at their positions and this team won't be stopped in the playoffs. The guy that makes the busts in Canton can go ahead and get started on these two.

The Eagles keep finding ways to lose. After A.J. Feeley gave two games away with picks, Donovan McNabb couldn't drive the offense down the field after Brandon Jacobs gave them another shot. I've said it before and I'm saying it again, I've given up on the Eagles season.

I don't think anyone will want to play Minnesota in the playoffs. The way they can run the ball and stop the run, they would be a bad matchup for anyone.

The Bucs may win that division but they won't do anything in the playoffs. They were beaten by the Texans and stud qb Sage Rosenfels. Granted Jeff Garcia didn't play, but the entire defense was there.

I had no problems with LT giving Phillip Rivers the cold shoulder on the sidelines during the Titans/Chargers game. LT has carried that team for a long time and with Rivers playing poorly LT showed how upset he was. He could have pulled a T.O. and screamed at him on the sideline but he chose just walk away and win the game with a big run in overtime. The defense finally decided to play as well. As a side note, Albert Haynesworth is going to make a lot of loot in free agency this year. With him in the lineup LT had trouble going anywhere in the beginning of the game.

If Ryan Grant keeps running the way he does the Pack can get to the Super Bowl.

The Cowboys won another squeaker barely beating the Lions. Jon Kitna's preseason declaration of ten wins is wrong now and the Lions are still reeling after their fifth straight loss.

What made Waynen Huizenga think that Cam Cameron could coach an NFL team? He tanked at Indiana University and had never been much of a head coach. This once proud franchise has hit rock bottom and will take some time bouncing back.

The Cardinals are always a sheik pick to make the playoffs, myself included, but never seem to beat anyone they're not supposed to and feast on bad teams.

Derek Anderson and the Browns are the suprise of the season. Now what does Romeo and Phil Savage do with Brady Quinn?

For those who think the Colts will just get crushed by the Pats in New England in January better think twice. Yes the Colts are playing without Marvin Harrison but something tells me Coach Dungy and Peyton will have their team ready to play.

Something interesting as I'm reading Tony Dungy's book Quiet Strength, he ran a similar offense as the quarterback at Minnesota as the Colts are running now. His offensive coordinator both times: Tom Moore. As for the book, I'm enjoying it so far and I'll have more to say after I get through the first 50 pages.

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