Friday, December 14, 2007

The Mitchell Report

After 20 months and $20 million, former Sen. George Mitchell finally released his report. Thanks to my boss sending it to me I got an hour to pour over it at work. Many people are praising him for naming 80 players as users of steroids or HGH during their careers. Some of the players we knew (the BALCO boys, Ken Caminiti, Jose Canseco) some of them were a suprise (Kevin Brown, David Justice and Nook Logan). I'm not sure what we're supposed to get out of the players being named. Nothing will happen to them as most will deny all of it, retired, or made their transgressions before the MLB had a steroid policy. The only things to come out of this are one: baseball fans can find more players to hate; two, the Hall of Fame credentials of some of these players will be questioned; and three, maybe MLB will now allow an outside agency to conduct their testing. Not sure how much if any of these will take place but I can say that my years of baseball that I enjoyed so much growing up don't mean much of anything anymore.

For those ten people across the country that do have NFL Network, they saw former No. 1 pick Mario Williams have his best game of the season. Williams talled 3 1/2 sacks in the Texans 31-13 win over the Broncos. Williams had this to say after the game, "This was our first big game on television and everyone was watching. We were the only ones on."

I hate to rain on your parade but only a fraction of the people that enjoy NFL Football so much on Sunday got to see the biggest game of your career to this point. Hopefully in the near future, meaning before the Giants make a last ditch attempt to stop the Pats from running the table, the cable companies and the NFL will get it all figured out.

Not sure how many people saw T.J. Ford crash to the floor the other night and get taken off on a strecher but I think his playing days are numbered. Ford missed the entire 2004-05 season after severly injuring his spine. That's what made the fall that much more nervewracking for the team and the fans. Ford is one of my favorite players ever since his days at Texas. I hope he figures out a way to come back and play but if he doesn't it will be another career cut too short.

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