Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Heisman Trophy

I have been trying to avoid talking about football at all but with all the uproar about the Bowls I guess I should at least give my take.

First, Tim Tebow is going win the Heisman and if he doesn't then the voters are stupid. Five guys will probobly be in New York: Tebow, Colt Brennan, Darren McFadden, Chase Daniel and Pat White but none of them is as derserving as Tebow.

I'm not a Gator by any means but Tebow has had the best season with the 51 touchdowns. The only knock on him that anyone has been able to use this season is that he is a sophomore, or that his team lost three games and isn't in the title picture.

Colt Brennan has the out of this world numbers, 4100 passing yards and 38 touchdowns and his team is undefeated. However, they struggled to beat San Jose State and Nevada, two below average teams. He also spent some of the season hurt and his replacement Tyler Graunke put up crazy numbers as well. For June Jones to call Tebow a system qb is like the midget calling the dwarf short. Timmy Chang put up huge numbers in the run-and-shoot and Brennan came in and did it too. Just like Texas Tech qb's put up crazy numbers, Hawaii qb's do to.

Darren McFadden will most likely finish second. He had a few games where he fell off, mainly the 43 yard Auburn game, 66 yards against FIU, and the 88 yard game against Miss State. What puts McFadden in second is teh last game people remember seeing the LSU game where he was amazing, and his record setting performance against South Carolina. While I have no doubts that McFadden is the best player in college football, he won't win the Heisman because he didn't show up every week. I hope not winning puts a large chip on his shoulder and he puts on a show in the Cotton Bowl as a nice swan song out of college football.

I'm really sick of hearing about Pat White's Heisman candidacy. He puts up huge numbers in certain games but most of the time his team is up by a lot when he does. My friend Jason put it best by saying Pat White is a baller but not a gamer. A baller because he has all the talent and puts up, but a gamer comes up in the times his team needs him to. White got hurt in both of the games West Virginia lost. A thigh bruise kept him out at USF, and against Pitt with a chance to play for the national title, he let a banged up thumb keep him out of the game. If he was good enough to come back in when his team needed him most, he should have continued playing in such a big game.

Chase Daniel picked a bad time to play a terrible game. With his team number 1 and all eyes on him in the Big 12 Championship, Daniel threw for 219 yards with no touchdowns. He did run for one touchdown but Mizzou still lost by 21 points in a game that didn't seem that close. The prevailing wisdom was that Daniel could take the Heisman with a big performance, he just didn't have one.

So these are the five guys that will probobly be in New York on Saturday, but when the time comes Tebow will make history again becoming the first sophomore to win.


Anonymous said...

First off, Tebow will win, which is fine. I think the biggest knock isn't the 3 losses, b/c it's not his fault the defense sucked, but that his huge running #'s are inflated b/c he plays running back and quarterback.

UF utilizes Tebow as their short yardage back, which means he racks up large touchdown #'s when in a "normal" system the RB or FB punches it in. Not Tebow's fault, but June Jones was on point in the sense that Tebow couldn't run his offense and Brennan will be a better pro-QB. The Heisman is still a college award though, and you can't turn him down with huge record setting numbers.

UF's offense will be disgusting once they have a legit RB in USC transfer Emmanuel Moody

Anonymous said...

Adding to previous post, 17 of 22 touchdown runs are from inside the 5 yard line. Obviously, Tebow is utilized in this way b/c it is a strength of his, but imagine the numbers if Pat White were the first option on the goaline instead of Slaton/Schmitt

I suppose thats what makes him good, but it just feels EXTREMELY inflated when he is utilized as a goaline RB b/c Urban Meyer wants a Heisman winner and the options at RB are limited

It will be interesting to see the decline in his TD #'s next year once a RB is utilized

SK said...

Both anonymous posts are irrelevent. Because Tebow is a badass around the goal line makes him more valuable, not overrated. Pat White doesn't get the carries around the goal line because he isn't their best option due to his strength and durability, so why is that a knock on Tebow?

It's true that most of Tebow's rushing TDs were on short runs (just like everyone else in football history). If that is your argument then look at McFadden. 9 of 15 TDs for McFadden were scored from 5 yards or less. So what exactly do these numbers prove?

Tebow is putting up numbers that have never been established before. Whether he has a running back or not makes very little difference. You don't think there have been many teams throughout college football history that haven't had a great running back? None of the QBs for those teams have put up numbers like Tebow.

"Tebow ranks seventh in the nation in total offense (3,970 yards), is second in passing efficiency and is the first player in NCAA Division I-A history to exceed 20 touchdowns rushing and passing in the same season."

Tebow put up his huge numbers playing one of the most difficult schedules in the country, while playing future NFL prospects almost every weekend. Brennan played sub-par teams, was asked to throw 50 plus times a game, and played the nation's weakest schedule. If Brennan hadn't put up huge numbers in that system then he would be worthless.

This should be an absolute landslide. If Tebow played for USC, Mich., or OSU we would hear how he's arguably the best player in college football history.

The only relevent argument against Tebow is that he shouldn't win because he takes horse steroids. Seriously, people shouldn't be that big naturally.

Anonymous said...

how many of the Heisman candidates have put up more total yards than Tebow? I know Daniels and Brennan did, in Brennan's case in fewer games as well. Again, Tebow should and will win the award, but the thing that seperates him from the field is rushing TD's. His rushing TD's take a huge hit if he has a RB and Meyer isn't focused on winning this award for the program.