Tuesday, March 9, 2010

UConn Women, Championship Week, and Big Ben

The UConn Womens Hoops team has again won 70 straight. 71 to be exact heading into the tourney. The question that keeps coming up is is all dominating way UConn keeps winning good for women's hoops? No team has come close to beating them and they are beating teams by an average of 15 points a contest. The Huskies have also beaten the number two team in the country three times. I guess its good for women's hoops that they're winning, I mean at least we're talking about it. What do you think about UConn's dominating ways, and will you watch more women's hoops now?

This a great time of year. All week births into the Big Dance are being decided, every game that's played counts. The teams that are on the fringe are hoping that the right teams wins each of the little conference tournaments. Last night, Gonzaga stole an at-large bid after losing the conference tournament and automatic qualifier to St. Mary's. Later this week the Big 6 play their conference tournaments. It should interesting as their hasn't been a dominant team in college hoops this year.

This thing with Ben Roethlisberger is troubling. Yes I even find myself saying that this girl is in it for a money grab, but why does Big Ben keep butting himself in these situations. Last year he was accused of sexual assault in Lake Tahoe and now again in Georgia. I'm not sure if Ben Ben needs to change the company he keeps but he needs to change something.

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Nick said...

- if the women's game is better overall, then the UCONN is perfectly timed. even the Baylor incident can be good if it makes people watch. The Baylor player regularly dunks which, again brings more eyes to the game. People will see that the total product is much better than expected. it still doesn't have the physicality of the men's game or the flat out, wide open style but the game is elevated.

- Big Ben...at best he's an idiot. you'd hate to know that his lack of good judgment on the field is the same off or vice versa. incident 1) motorcycle with no helmet 2)lake tahoe 3)Capitol City. i hope none of that crap happen but now we have two sticks being rubbed together. we'll see how smokey it gets...

and where are his friends to say, "Bro...a super bowl champ chillin' in the little college bar trying pull co-eds ain't cool. let's head to LA for an OSCAR after party." new entourage ben. your boys are failing you.