Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's Signing Day

Signing Day is finally here. The day that every college football fan has hope again. After months of watching 17 and 18-year old kids every move, athletes finally make their college choices official.

For months we've been hearing of commitments and decommitments of these players but with the way most of them treat them, commitment shouldn't be the word we use. Commitment means you're making a promise to someone or some place. The athletes are all over the place even after they have "committed" to an institution. While yes the system allows it and in some cases it may be warranted, we need to find a new word. Not sure what word we should use but I'm open to suggestions.

Also, I wouldn't get too caught up in rankings now. Yes its nice to say we have this many great players coming in but realize they haven't done anything yet. Take Arthur Brown from Miami. He came out as a five-star and one of the top linebackers in the country. He never really saw the field except in late game or special teams situations, and now has left school. A few years ago the Canes were gushing about him. Now he's a player looking for a school (Tennessee anyone?).

Further, some of the guys won't even be on the field until two or three years from now. Only the best of the best see significant playing time on really good teams. Anyway, enjoy the whole day and at the end we'll see who ended up where and get started on the 2011 class.

My Wish List for FSU:

1. Christian Jones - LB - Winter Park - Dad and brother played for the Noles
2. Christian Green - ATH - Tampa - Cousin of E.G. Green
3. Corey Lemonier - DE - Hialeah -
4. Calvin Smith - DT - Hialeah
5. Bjoern Warner - DT - Salisbury, CT - has a teammate that already committed.
6. Ego Ferguson - DE - Chatham, VA - would be nice but not so sure

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