Monday, January 14, 2008

Hoops Season and The Season I'm not talking About

I make the NFL talk really quick. I can't believe the Chargers beat the Colts at home. The first drive made it seem like the Colts would have their way San Diego. Peyton started out 14-14 and looked on his way to a Tom Brady day, but his team couldn't get the plays to get them over the hump. I have always said that Brady and Manning are even and while I would take either one of them, I have to say Brady might have been able to take his team to the win unlike Peyton. When Brady is down and needs that one drive he always comes up big.

After the Jags had to settle for a field goal on one of their drives, I knew they had no chance to beat the Pats.

Way to come back Ryan Grant. Two fumbles on his first three touches that lead 14 points for the Seahawks. He bounces back to finish with 201 yards and three touchdowns. Teams need to be able to run the ball in the cold that routinely envelopes the north this time of year, and Grant is doing that better than anybody in the league since week 8.

I'm happy the Cowboys lost. As an Eagles fan I didn't want either one of my team's division rivals to win but I was happy to see the Cowboys lose. Tony Romo smiles too much and of course my hatred for T.O. was the x-factor. It made my week to see T.O. up on the podium crying. I like when he said he has always supported his quarterback, I think Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb could attest to that.

Conference season got off with a bang. I watched the Clemson vs UNC game from last Sunday and the game was great. Wayne Ellington kept UNC undefeated with a three in overtime to win the game. He exploded for a career high 34. I watched UNC again on Saturday and they definitely looked like the number one team in the land. They manhandled N.C. State by almost 40. The Georgetown/UConn had some high drama as well. 7-foot-2 inch Roy Hibbert hit the game winning three with four seconds left on the clock. There is always more conference season to watch and ESPN does a great job of force feeding the big six conferences down our throats with some help from Fox Sports Net regional coverage among others. At 7 and 9 Monday through Thursday they give us quality matchups.

Tonight Pittsburgh defeated Georgetown, and Kansas is flexing their muscles against Oklahoma. The Sooners lost stud freshman Blake Griffin but seem to be hanging in there with the Jayhawks.

Tuesday has Ohio State at 11Michigan State, 17Wisconsin at Penn State, N.C. State at 23Clemson and 24Miami at BC. Wake Forest also plays Maryland, Nebraska at Colorado, Kentucky at Mississippi State, Oklahoma State plays Baylor and in a Big Five Matchup LaSalle plays Pennsylvania. If you have nothing to do Wednesday Gonzaga plays at Pepperdine at midnight.

Wednesday features four of the top 10 teams in the country playing. 1UNC plays at Georgia Tech, 2Memphis at Rice, 5Duke plays at Florida State, and 9Texas A&M at Texas Tech. Florida goes to 15 Ole Miss, UMass at 18Dayton, 20Xavier at Temple and DePaul at 21 Villanova.

In other games Rutgers visits Syracuse, VT and UVA battle over the Commonwealth, Missouri plays Iowa State and Purdue goes to Iowa.

Tomorrow I'll discuss the NFL Draft early entries after the list is final.

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